Villagers urged to use less fossil fuels

WRINGTON residents are being encouraged to use sustainable fuels more frequently

RESIDENTS in Wrington are being urged to become more self-sufficient rather than relying on fossil fuels.

Three events have been held in the village to educate people on the possibility of the world's oil resources depleting and the difficulties that could result.

Global oil production has not yet reached its maximum, but there are concerns that once it does this could create big problems.

Phil Neve, of Station Road, is coordinating the project in Wrington.

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He said: "When the supply of oil cannot match demand, major economic and social changes will occur. Prices will go up and as the supply falls this will continue."

The issue of overusing oil supplies has been named Peak Oil by those hoping to tackle it.

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Six more events will be held in Wrington before Christmas to educate residents on the problem.

In April, Phil is hoping to launch an energy plan which will look at the ways residents can get away from relying on oil so much and how Wrington can become more self-reliant.

The next promotional event will look at the use of renewable energy and will be held on September 18, at Wrington Memorial Hall.

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