War hero film on hold

A FILM about a famous Highbridge resident has been put on hold while a top secret hearing is being carried out.

A FILM about a famous Highbridge resident has been put on hold while a top secret hearing is being carried out.

War hero Frank Foley, who lived in the Somerset town, will have the tale of his life shown on the silver screen and parts are expected to be filmed in Highbridge.

But producer Timothy Haas is still waiting to hear whether he can use documents held by MI6 about Foley's ally Paul Rosbaud.

The legal battle started last year and a result was expected to be announced in December, but Mr Haas and his team are still waiting for a response.

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Mr Haas said: "We are expecting to hear any day now whether these vital papers will be released. If it takes too long we will not continue delaying the film and will just have to go ahead.

"The production is also struggling as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is on strike until June and actors are supporting the protest. So at the moment we cannot confirm any actors but we have been concentrating on the role of Foley himself."

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Hungarian director Istvan Szabo has already been confirmed as being on board for the film. Scenes will be filmed mainly in Budapest for the Berlin shots, as 78 per cent of the German city was destroyed during World War Two.

Mr Haas said: "Budapest is an ideal location for depicting the buildings and streets of that era. We are also hoping to film parts in Highbridge although we cannot confirm that until we know about the papers."

Frank Foley helped Jewish people escape Natzi Germany during World War Two and became known as 'the man who saved 10,000 Jews'. The film of his life will be called The Inside Outside Man.

Rumours suggest that A-listers Anthony Hopkins and Kevin Spacey have been offered the role but Mr Haas cannot confirm or deny who will take on the part.

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