Watch scheme launch after arson

FED up residents in a Clevedon street are considering setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in a bid to beat the vandals. People living in

FED up residents in a Clevedon street are considering setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in a bid to beat the vandals.People living in Griffin Road are looking at launching the initiative following a serious arson attack in the street at around 2.30am on Thursday where two cars were completely burnt out.At times the flames from the fire reached 30ft high,threatened nearby properties and scorched the pavement.Fed up resident Tina Williams was inside with her four children when she woke up to a crackling sound and flames licking at her windows.Miss Williams, a student, said: "I heard the crackling and could see a glow behind my bedroom blinds."The cars were engulfed with flames which at times were reaching 20 to 30ft high."The heat in our bedroom was intense and frightening - we were fearful of the cars exploding and the house catching fire or power cables coming down as they ran directly above the fire. "We had four children in our house, a 10-month-old baby, a toddler and two small children, and this horrific act of vandalism put many lives at risk. Maybe whoever knows who did this will come forward if they read in your paper that lives were endangered."Tina is now writing to all residents in Griffin Road asking them whether they would be prepared to launch a scheme and perhaps pay towards the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras.Miss Williams added: "We like living here and don't expect to pay a lot of money for our dream home then have it ruined because of vandals."This is happening all over in many streets and schools and we are just one in a long time."Fortunately this was a shock attack rather than a frequent occurrence."Fire chiefs said they were investigating the cause of the blaze.Police are appealing to anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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