Watchdog labels North Somerset care home as ‘inadequate’

Care Quality Commission.

Care Quality Commission. - Credit: SUB

A North Somerset care home has received a damning assessment from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The Old Vicarage, in Churchill, which cares for up to 19 elderly people, has been deemed ‘inadequate’ following an inspection.

CQC inspectors said the Front Street care home was not safe or well led, and required improvement in effectiveness, care and responsiveness.

The report, published this week, says: “The registered provider and manager failed to ensure people were adequately protected from accidental harm.

“There were no systems in place to stop people burning themselves on the heaters.”

The CQC said The Old Vicarage failed to notify the watchdog of ‘serious matters’ affecting the lives of clients. It added: “We found the service lacked the staffing to meet people’s needs safely.

“At night there was one member of staff on duty. We reviewed four people who required two staff at all times to meet their needs.”

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Home director Bill Jackson said the report was a ‘great disappointment’ but also a chance to raise standards.

He said: “The Old Vicarage receives a steady flow of comments from residents and letters from families all speaking of good care given generously by the staff with kindness, love, compassion, understanding and respect.

“Many aspects of the home including the cooking and the garden are frequently mentioned as they have been over the last 27 years. In spite of our disappointment, we have seen this inspection as an opportunity to examine how the home measures up to current legislation and regulation.

“In the five months since it took place we have taken the criticisms on board, addressed the faults and one by one rectified the failings. This work is now complete. A negative report has been given a positive reception and outcome in every detail.

“It is important that the public understands that we place great value on the trust we are shown by our local authority which places residents in our care and also inspects the home to reassure themselves of our standards. They give us support and advice and we work closely with them.

“The vital part the care sector plays in supporting the NHS is now recognised widely. We who work in care look forward to it being properly resourced so that we can relieve hospitals of care work which is preventing them from doing the work they are designed to do and leave them able to concentrate on healthcare in which, as a truly national health service, they lead the world.”