Weather causes landslide and road closures in Weston - and more heavy rain is forecast

A LANDSLIDE took place in Weston last night (Wed) after a 12ft wall tumbled down and smashed into oncoming traffic.

Firefighters from the town centre were called to Upper Church Road at 9.25pm after recent rainfall caused a garden wall to collapse and spill out into the road near Royal Crescent.

A spokesman from Avon Fire & Rescue said the rain had loosened the large stone wall and created a ‘landslide’ which was about four ft deep.

Firefighters helped cordon off the road as the huge boulders made it impassable and it remains closed both ways.

Police arrived at the scene and carried out a check to ensure no-one had fallen under the debris.

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Andy Loveridge, aged 32, who lives in the shared house directly behind the crumbling wall, said: “I heard a loud noise and thought what is that?

“I then rushed outside and could see the wall had fallen down into the road.

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“One car was driving along at the time and some big stones got stuck at the front and back of the car but no one was injured.”

North Somerset Council hired in Weston contactors Towens to clear up the mess and it is hoped the road will be reopened by the end of today.

Speaking from the scene this afternoon, Jim Tivenan, from Towens, said: “One woman tried to drive over the stones so the police had to use a jack to get her car off it.

“It could have been a lot worse if someone had been walking along there at the time.”

Mr Tivenan, of Jubilee Road, said the top part of the wall, which is about to topple over, will also be demolished and it is likely the footpath alongside it will be shut.

A spokesman from the council said: “The road will remain closed until we are satisfied it is safe to re-open it.

“More rain is forecast and we have extra resources on standby to deal with any emergencies.”

The Met Office has predicted heavy rain across North Somerset tomorrow and this weekend.

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