West Country rated as home of the UK's 'least sexy' accent

PUBLISHED: 14:23 26 May 2017 | UPDATED: 14:31 26 May 2017

Would someone's accent stop you from dating them?

Would someone's accent stop you from dating them?


Could the way you talk be to blame for your lacklustre love life? The West Country accent has officially been voted as the least-sexy accent in the UK.

Dating website Illicit Encounters surveyed more than 750 men and women in search of the UK’s sexiest accents, and discovered a Somerset twang is likely to send people running for the hills…

Phrases like ‘alright me babber’, ‘he’s so lush’ and ‘where’s it to?’ are phrases people from Weston-super-Mare might want to avoid using the next time they have a first date.

But, all is not lost, as just 20 per cent of the men surveyed and 17 per cent of the women who answered the poll said an unattractive accent would be enough to stop them from dating someone.

The sexiest accent on a man was voted to be Scottish, while the sexiest female accent was found to be Irish.

A ‘posh’ accent came in as second for both men and women, but just two per cent of men and one per cent of women found the West Country accent to be sexy.

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