Weston accountant sees business thrive during lockdowns

Neil Criddle.

Neil Criddle. - Credit: Neil Criddle

A Weston accountant has seen his business thrive during lockdowns. 

Neil Criddle was made redundant at the beginning of last year and decided to start his own consultancy and accountancy business before the first lockdown last March. 

Neil’s Data Consultancy provides small business owners with analysis and automated processes that improve productivity and efficiency while achieving increased levels of performance and profitability.  

His client base grew after he set up a Facebook group to talk about finance, called Making Finance Fun. 

Neil has also hosted round table question and answer sessions with small business owners over Zoom to connect with people and help them understand finance better. 

He said: “I am not a stereotypical accountant; the majority of my work came through Facebook networking groups. 

“People have got to know me and my brand through these online, personal sessions. People need a friendly face through what has been a very challenging year. 

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“I started the business in January after being made redundant and have weathered the storm of lockdown by acquiring 70 clients and a six-figure turnover.” 

Neil plans on hosting more webinars this year and linking up with Weston College to help young people looking to work in the industry. 

Neil has been linking his successes with donating to the B1G1 - Business For Good charity.

Last month, for every new member that joined his Facebook group, he donated funds to plant forest trees in Kenya.

In the two months he has been donating, Neil has so far managed to positively impact 2,100 people. His aim is to make 50,000 impacts in 2021.

He has also contributed to providing 240 days of eLearning to a rural school in India, provided nine months of access to clean water, 1,200 days of access to a playground and given 365 food parcels in South Africa.

Neil added: “It is growing at quite a pace, I am getting more investor work and consolidator projects which I wasn’t getting this time last year. 

“It would be nice to run a business with no coronavirus implications as I don’t know what that feels like at the moment. I would prefer to meet clients face to face but obviously that won’t be possible for a while yet."

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