Weston schools to reintroduce extra-curricular clubs

Mark school students at school before the pandemic. Picture: Wessex Learning Trust

Many schools in the district are hoping for a return to 'normal' school life. Picture taken before the pandemic. - Credit: Wessex Learning Trust

Wessex Learning Trust has welcomed back more than 3,000 students to its schools and colleges across Weston and North Somerset as it looks to return to a traditional academic year.

The trust held games and bonding exercises including tug-of-war and sports competitions to ease students back after an unprecedented 18 months.

Chief executive, Gavin Ball, confirmed to the Mercury that while schools remain wary of the risk Covid still poses, it has begun to reintroduced familiar aspects of school life.

Executive headteacher of the Wessex Learning Trust, Gavin Ball. Picture: Eleanor Young

Gavin Ball hopes after school activities will 'enrich and support our children’s learning so much.' - Credit: Eleanor Young

He said: “It is wonderful to see all our children returning to the trust after not only the summer break but also all the uncertainty we have faced as schools over the last year.

"Although the pressure of Covid has not quite gone away, we are still hopeful for a more normal year for our learners, and a return of the extra-curricular activities which enrich and support our children’s learning so much."

Fourteen schools and colleges make up the trust, with students aged between two and 19 years old.