Weston Beach littered with 'face masks and nappies' after busy weekend

PICTURES: Weston Beach filled with rubbish after sunshine weekend

Weston Beach was lined with face masks and rubbish after a busy weekend. - Credit: Grand Pier

A beach cleaning volunteer group found dozens of used face masks and dirty nappies on Weston Beach after a busy weekend brought thousands of visitors.

The Grand Pier staged its second Weston Super Beach Clean event following a week full of sunshine which has led to growing concerns regarding the beach's cleanliness.

Face masks and toys pile on Weston Beach

Twenty bags of rubbish were collected on Sunday (April 25) at the Weston Super Beach Clean event. - Credit: Grand Pier

Last week the attraction announced it was to remove all single-use plastic packaging from the toys sold on the pier after an alarming amount had been found on the beach.

Head of operations, Remy Haudecoeur said: "It is sad to see this level of pollution in 2021.

"Sea pollution is a global problem, we are covering little in terms of scale if we think about the number of beaches in the world.

"Most litter we find is from international brands that should have a compostable policy and a reduction in packaging.

"The most surprising thing I have seen is the amount of discarded face masks. Between the Grand Pier and Revo, formerly the SeaQurium, I have personally picked up 12 face masks."

Dozens of face masks swept into the sea after sunny weekend.

Dozens of face masks were picked before the tide swept them into the sea. - Credit: Grand Pier

Members of the Cleaner Coastlines group who helped clean the beach on Sunday (April 25) revealed they pulled used nappies from the sand.

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Malaika Cattlin said: "It is so sad to pick up filthy nappies and drink bottles - I lost count of how many dirty wet wipes there were.

"Cleaner Coastlines are working with local vendors to remove tags and nets from toys before they reach the beach. I picked up at least 20 tags and nets which animals could get trapped in."

Piles of rubbish on UK beaches after busy weekend.

Members of the Cleaner Coastlines group described the scene as 'heartbreaking'. - Credit: Grand Pier

Another member, Amy Cohen, stated that her rubbish bag was full of cans, clothes and face masks after just 30 minutes on the beach

Ms Cohen said: "It is heart-breaking to see such a beautiful beach covered in trash. I would love to see more bins provided for visitors and a consistent effort by the council to keep its beach clean."

North Somerset Council staff rake Weston Beach "every morning and clear it of litter during the summer" according to its website.

Visitors and residents are being encouraged to clean up after themselves to keep the beach tidy and protect wildlife.