Weston College to create 300 apprenticeships in 100 days

Weston College Knightstone Campus.

Weston College Knightstone Campus. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

Weston College has announced that it will create 300 apprenticeships to combat the rise in unemployment among young people in just 100 days.

During the coronavirus pandemic, youth unemployment has risen by 13 per cent, with a further 785,000 people under 24 on furlough

Principal, Dr Paul Phillips believes the initiative will prepare young people for a working environment that has been 'flipped upside down' since the pandemic began.

Health and Sport opening, Weston College 8th Jan 2019

Weston College principal, Dr Paul Phillips believes young people need to be prepared correctly for a return the employment post-Covid. Picture taken before the coronavirus pandemic - Credit: Neil Phillips photo and film Lim

Dr Phillips said: "The business landscape has been flipped upside down over the last 12 months, and this campaign is seeking to help employers’ access new skills, whilst committing to changing someone’s life.

“Our employer network and our learners have benefited hugely from apprenticeships, and we are excited to help even more people improve their lives through this campaign.”

Any employer who decides to hire an apprentice between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021, can access government incentives, of up to £4,000.

For more information on the campaign, log on to www.weston.ac.uk/300in100

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