General election survey results

Voters will go to polling stations on December 12.

Voters will go to polling stations on December 12. - Credit: Archant

The Mercury conducted a pre-election survey which received 608 responses. Its results are summarised below.

On a national basis, what are your main priorities going into the general election?

Brexit was the main priority of respondents, with 323 votes, ahead of health with 176.

Which Brexit-related option do you want to happen?

Wanting the UK to remain in the European Union (EU) was the most popular choice with 302 votes. Accept Prime Minister Boris Johnson's deal was the next highest with 161 responses.

How satisfied have you been with your local MP since the previous election in 2017?

The most popular response was poor, which was selected by 285 readers. Only 26 respondents felt John Penrose has done an excellent job in the past two years.

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On a local level, what is the biggest issue?

No 24-hour A&E service at Weston General Hospital was the most selected with 388 responses.

How do you intend to vote on December 12?

The Conservatives came out on top with 25 per cent. The Liberal Democrats scored 21 per cent and Labour 17 per cent.