Weston couple adopt stray dog while in Santorini getting married

Jessica and Richard Lloyd with their new dog Bluebell which they adopted when they found her on a be

Jessica and Richard Lloyd with their new dog Bluebell which they adopted when they found her on a beach before their wedding in Santorini. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

A Weston couple who flew to Santorini to get married, spent hundreds of pounds caring for a stray dog before arranging for her to be shipped to England.

Jessica Francis, aged 28, and Richard Lloyd, aged 36, flew to the luxurious Greek island to tie the knot with 50 of their close family and friends.

Five days before they were due to say their vows, Jessica found a sick dog sleeping under her sun lounger and made it her mission to make her well again.

The couple took her to a vet on the island and paid for her to have treatment and vaccinations, before arranging to have her shipped back to Weston.

Jessica said: "It was about six days into our holiday when I saw her sleeping under my sun lounger.

"We got her some food and water and then she didn't leave us for the rest of the day.

"We could tell she was in a really bad way."

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The couple spent two days of their trip at the vets taking care of the dog, called Blue.

They also spent £600 on medications before sorting out a passport for her so she could return to the UK with them.

Jess said: "I'm a massive dog person and Richard does love dogs, so he was on board with bringing her home.

"It killed me to see her in such a state. We couldn't just leave her.

"She had quite a few illnesses and they think she had two litters of puppies. She was only two.

"My family and friends think I'm mad, but it didn't surprise them at all because I'm a bit of an animal lunatic.

"We told them during our wedding speech.

"We said we had a new arrival and everyone thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement."

Blue spent a week at the vets, before she was put on a ferry bound for a rescue centre in Athens.

She then spent six days travelling in a truck to France, before being put on the Eurotunnel to Kent.

Blue is now at home with Jess and Richard Lloyd, who were delighted to be reunited with her.

The couple already have two dogs so were expecting a lot of work and sleepless nights as she got used to her new home.

Jess said: "She's a lovely little thing.

"She's very well trained.

"We were expecting it to be absolute chaos, but she's settled in well."