Family using blog to raise awareness of Makaton and Down Syndrome

Nikki and Lucinda Holt using Makaton to tell the Snail And The Whale story.

Nikki and Lucinda Holt using Makaton to tell the Snail And The Whale story. - Credit: Archant

A Weston-super-Mare family has started a video blog to raise awareness of Makaton and Down Syndrome.

Lucinda Holt, aged five, has Down Syndrome and uses Makaton to help her communicate.

Lucinda, along with her mum Nikki, and two brothers, Zack, aged nine, and Evan, aged seven, post a sign a day on their page to help raise awareness of both Makaton and Down Syndrome.

Nikki and her family are part of the Wouldn't Change A Thing charity which is trying to make negative perceptions of Down Syndrome a thing of the past.

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Nikki and Lucinda were in the charity's first awareness video, along with 50 other mums, which showed families in a Makaton carpool karaoke.

The video went viral and they have been involved in more videos for the charity since then.

Nikki started the Makaton blog with Lucinda after the success of the videos.

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She said: "I was blown away by the positive awareness it raised of both Down Syndrome and Makaton.

"After the video went viral, so many more people were now talking about Makaton, and wanting to get involved.

"Schools all over the world were teaching it to their pupils and the feedback we received was amazing.

"I wanted to do more, so we started our own page.

"I have done Makaton courses but I am not a tutor.

"We are not the best signers in the world - but I think that is some of the reason people like it.

"I realised after the 50 mums video people quite like the homemade, real family approach.

"Our clips are recorded with my mobile phone propped up on a cookery book stand filmed on selfie mode.

"We are just a regular family who use Makaton, we have fun with it, are passionate about it and want to spread the word."

Nikki and her family have also been helping the Makaton Charity promote its book sale by posting videos of themselves signing their story books.

Nikki hopes Weston can achieve Makaton-friendly status soon and wants to do whatever she can to help local tutors try to achieve this.

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Makaton is a language programme which uses signs and symbols to help people communicate - it is designed to support the spoken language.

To follow Lucinda, search Makaton With Lucinda on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.