Weston General Hospital called 'immoral' for charging its staff to park on site

PUBLISHED: 12:36 23 May 2017

How much is the new £1 coin costing councils?

How much is the new £1 coin costing councils?


The news that staff at Weston General Hospital have to pay up to £200 per year to park at the site prompted a stir on the Mercury's Facebook page this week.

Weston General Hospital.Weston General Hospital.

A Mercury freedom of information requet revealed the hospital charges its staff 10p per hour to park at its Grange Road site which means it is cashing in up to £1,400 every day through staff parking charges, but it admitted staff still struggle to find a space.

Many commented on the Mercury’s Facebook page to say all parking at the hospital should be free.

Ian Lovell said: “It is immoral to charge people under the circumstances they are there for.”

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Linda Taylor agreed, and said: “No-one should pay to park at hospitals. They’re there because they have appointments, which are always longer than expected, or are visiting someone who is ill – it is about time the barriers are taken down.”

Jane Goodband said: “When I was based there, as a community night nurse, we still had to pay even though the car park was virtually empty. This is just another continuing hit on the already poorly-paid nurses.”

People parking on the road outside of the hospital was also highlighted as an issue.

Brenda Hunt said: “No wonder the road outside is always congested and a death trap.”

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A hospital spokesman told the Mercury any revenue from both visitor parking and staff parking is invested back into security, safety and maintenance at the hospital.

The Grange Road site has 765 parking spaces in total, 593 of which are allocated specifically for staff use.

The charges for staff apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For visitors to the hospital, the first half an hour of parking is free, but then it jumps to £2.10 for up to an hour, £3.20 for up to two hours or £4.20 for two hours or more.

Steve Street said: “What a disgrace – not even patients or visitors should have to pay, if you ask me, but (to charge) staff is absolutely disgusting.”

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