Consultants ‘disappointed’ over rejected proposal for Weston’s A&E

Weston General Hospital and A & E Department.

Weston General Hospital and A & E Department. - Credit: Archant

Consultants from Weston General Hospital are ‘disappointed and concerned’ their proposal, which they believe could reopen the A&E overnight, has not been formally considered.

The consultants’ body developed a plan for inpatient teams supporting emergency doctors, which would enable the A&E to reopen permanently.

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A consultants’ spokesman said: “The safety of the hospital’s patients and the people of Weston and the surrounding areas must be the highest priority.

“We call on the CCG to not just listen to the Weston consultants but to act by formally discussing and approving a trial and evaluation of the proposed model before its final decision is made.

“This action is important for Weston but has wider implications as an innovative model which could help to sustain emergency departments in small district hospitals across the UK.”

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