Weston hostel gifted kitchen appliances during lockdown

The donations made by Beko for Jasvin Hostel

The donations made by Beko for Jasvin Hostel - Credit: PPAAP

The hostel was gifted numerous fridge freezers, washing machines and more by an international appliance brand.

Beko donations.

Beko donations. - Credit: PPAAP

A South West pollution charity has teamed up with an international appliance brand to support homeless hostels in Weston.

Jasvin Hostels in Weston received several donations from Turkish appliance brand Beko, which joined forces with Plastic Pollution Awareness & Action Projects (PPAAP).

The donations include three fridge freezers, three electric cookers, three washing machines, four vacuum cleaners, 18 toasters, 18 kettles and 18 microwaves.

The hostels were nominated by PPAAP CEO Naseem Talukdar, who has long supported the area’s homeless by providing home-cooked meals.

Jasvin Hostels’ team leader Tania Bodalia said: “Weston’s homeless hostels are extremely grateful for this generous donation of appliances from Beko.

“This is the first time we have ever received support from a charity, and we would like to thank everyone involved at PPAAP for nominating us.

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“Kitchen appliances are regularly maintained & cleaned, however, they are often damaged due to misuse. They were in great need of being replaced, so this surprise couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Homeless people are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime than the general public and are 47 times more likely to be a victim of theft. The opportunity of giving a private kettle, toaster and microwave to each family has provided better social distancing during the pandemic.

Tania finished: “We are also Crowd Funding for small independent businesses, including Treats Cafe, with the aim towards providing freshly cooked hot meals, for all residents who live in emergency accommodation, on a regular basis, throughout the year.”

To contribute towards the hostel’s fundraiser, log on to www.crowdfunder.co.uk/hot-meals-for-homeless-hostels-1