ELECTION: Labour announce Weston Central ward candidate

Val Donegan wants to be the next Weston town councillor.

Val Donegan wants to be the next town councillor. - Credit: Val Donegan

Candidates will contest a seat in Weston Town Council next Thursday.

A by-election was triggered after the resignation of Cllr Ella Sayce, who represented Weston Central ward.

The election date will be held on December 16, where candidates will have to wait and see if enough boxes have been ticked against their name to win the seat.

One of the prospective candidates hoping to be the next town councillor is Val Donegan. She hopes to represent the constituency for the Labour Party. 

Val was nominated 'Weston-super-Woman' in 2019 following her work with the homeless, where she connected people through social media to raise awareness of the ill and organise donations.

She said: "Having seen the effects of poorly funded public services for years and the number of people who have very little access to help, I decided to try and make a difference through our local Labour Party.

"I would love the honour to represent Weston Central ward."