Mini tornado does damage in Weston

South West hit by tornado

A mini-tornado brought down a plum tree on Southville Road on April 11. - Credit: Roger Bailey

A 'mini-tornado' touched down in Weston last night (Tuesday) blowing over a tree and sending a greenhouse two streets away.

The strong gust of wind struck Southville Road at around 6.30pm - lasting approximately 30 seconds according to onlookers.

Weston town councillor, Roger Bailey witnessed the whirlwind and told the Mercury what happened.

Cllr Bailey said: "The air became thick and grey and every second that past the intensity of the wind grew and grew until it became so violent that we really became afraid. We were at a loss to know what was happening.

"Proof of the storm’s power was that a plastic greenhouse was blown onto the roof of a two-story property hanging from an ariel, and that was in the next street."

Tornado does damage in Weston

A plastic greenhouse hangs from an ariel after a mini-tornado had blown it from the next street. - Credit: Roger Bailey

These short-lived whirlwinds are caused when hot air rises quickly while there is cooler air above it.

As a result, the hot air stretches and enters a spinning motion - the kind you see in a tornado.