Eight people hit with fines for public space breaches in Weston

Dog owners have been urged to always pick up after their pet.

Eight people were fined for breaching Public Space Protection Orders in Weston. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Eight people were made to pay fines by the Magistrates Court after breaching Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in Weston, which included taking a dog onto Weston beach. 

North Somerset Council prosecuted the offenders after handing each a £75 fixed penalty which they failed to pay.

Rubbish on Weston beach. Picture: Molly Williams

Littering has become a persistent problem in Weston. - Credit: Archant

Benjamin Marsh of Westbury Crescent, Weston, and David Timmons of Broad Meadow Lane, Birmingham, both pleaded guilty in absence to littering and were ordered to pay a fine with victim surcharge and costs totalling £330.

Emma Johnson of Barley Cross, Wick St Lawrence, Mihai Vezeteu of Orchard Street, Weston, Neacsu Constantin Ionut of Jubilee Road, Weston, Ben Coburn of Argyll Road, Bournemouth, Kimberly Thorne of Milton Road, Taunton and all entered no pleas, were found guilty and were ordered to pay a fine with victim surcharge and costs totalling £404.

Georgina Lees of Horsham Road, Swindon, entered no plea and was found guilty of having a dog in a dog exclusion zone and was ordered to pay a fine, with victim surcharge and costs totalling £404.

Cllr Mike Solomon

Mike Solomon hopes residents will no longer drop cigarette butts in public. - Credit: NSC

The council's executive for neighbourhoods revealed it would continue to crack down on PSPO breaches, including offences committed by dog owners who do not clean up after their pets.

Cllr Mike Solomon said: "We are determined to clean up our area and robust enforcement of the PSPOs is a key part of the action we are taking.

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"The public should be aware that if they are seen breaching a PSPO they will be fined and those who do not pay will be prosecuted.

"Unfortunately, to many, dropping a cigarette butt is still seen as socially acceptable and we are trying to change this behaviour. We hope our partnership with Local Authority Support and enforcement of the PSPOs will lead to a reduction of overall offending."

These latest prosecutions have come at a time when the council is cracking down on irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs and cannot show they have a means to pick up after their dog.

Enforcement officers will be increasing patrols in known hotspot areas and issuing on-the-spot fines for any offending witnessed.

More information on the PSPOs can be found at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/pspo.