Weston's singing postie

A SINGING postman is hoping for fame and fortune after recording his own Christmas song.

A SINGING postman is hoping for fame and fortune after recording his own Christmas song.

Dean Farnell has been sending off his CD 'Why don't Christmas Go Away (I'm bored with the Wizard of Oz)' to radio stations and record companies in the hopes of being played on the airwaves.

Dean, who lives in South Road, Weston, said: "I haven't heard anything back from the record companies but apparently the radio stations cannot play it for legal reasons.

"I'm not taking myself seriously. It was just a bit of a laugh. I played it to my wife Kay and some of the guys from work and they all said it was really good.

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"I'm not expecting to get to number one in the charts or anything though. I was learning guitar and just sick of playing other peoples' songs."

The song tells the tale of a man who is sick of Christmas and having a low bank balance after spending on presents. But thankfully at the end of song he decides he really does like the holiday after all.

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Dean, aged 45, has had lots of support from his children, Dean, aged 22, Hannah, aged 20, Damon, aged 18 and eight-year-old Jack.

He said: "My daughter said it doesn't sound too bad. She is quite trendy so that must be a really good sign.

"I have even had one bloke asking if he can buy a CD from me. I didn't make many copies but hopefully one of the radio stations will be able to play it."

To listen to Dean's Christmas crooning log on to www.thewestonmercury.co.uk

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