Stars of the big screen displayed on the walls of a Weston business

JPS standing next to his art work

JPS standing next to his art work - Credit: Archant

It is not every day a Weston business owner is met with faces from the big screen painted on the wall outside of their building.

Mural outside Sweeny Todd

Mural outside Sweeny Todd - Credit: Archant

Owner of Sweeney Todd Barbers, Dean Phillips, says he is amazed with the mural of Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, from the Tim Burton movie, which is on full display outside his salon in Milton.

The artwork is the creation of street artists known by their tags JPS and his German-born wife PZY art, both have work displayed locally and internationally.

JPS said: “The piece is actually a collaboration between myself and my wife. We originally painted it in 2016 in Norway, then misplaced the stencil for a long time.

“I have kit stashed in places all over the world, and recently it was found in time for this year’s Weston blitz and we were keen to paint it again – Sweeney Todd’s served as the perfect spot.”

Mural outside Sweeny Todd salon

Mural outside Sweeny Todd salon - Credit: Archant