Teachers at school take on Movember challenge

Teachers at Haywood Village Academy take on the Movember challenge.

Teachers at the school sport their taches. (L-R) Luke Allen, Matthew Batchelor, Neil Sharp, James Robbins, Principal Craig Jones and Truon Ellis. - Credit: Haywood Village Academy

A primary school in Weston saw six members of staff, including the headteacher, grow moustaches for the Movember month challenge.

Staff raised £800 to raise awareness for men's mental health, suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer.

Principal Craig Jones and his male colleagues all started the challenge at the beginning of November and finished on December 1.

Since 2003, more than six million people across 20 countries have joined the global health movement for men, helping them to live happier lives. 

A spokesperson for the school said: "By growing the most weird and wonderful moustaches and beards, we were helping a very worthy cause.

“As a group, the team felt it was important to join in on the moustache challenge and raise the profile of men's health.

"We enjoyed the good fun and chat that has come with growing our taches, raising money and sharing a very serious message.”