Consultation to rename the Sovereign Centre begins tomorrow

A deal worth £21million to buy Westons Sovereign Shopping Centre using borrowed funds was agreed in

A consultation will run until Dec 13 to find a new name for the Sovereign Centre - Credit: Archant

THE SOV? The Super Centre? Something completely different?

Weston residents have been asked to rename the town's landmark Sovereign Centre.

The new name will form part of a public engagement process by North Somerset Council (NSC) that got underway today (November 30) and runs until December 13.

The council's executive member for the economy, Cllr Mark Canniford, told the Mercury it aims to create a new identity for Weston's town centre as part of a complete re-vamp of the venue.

North Somerset Councillor Mark Canniford.Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Cllr Mark Canniford believes the Sovereign Centre's revamp is the first step of creating a new identity for Weston. - Credit: Archant

Cllr Mark Canniford, pictured above, said: “Our retail and the high streets have undergone seismic changes following the pandemic – people are using town centres in a very different way and we want to create a town centre that is fit for this new future.

"We are creating a new identity and unique spaces to meet these changing demands by introducing non-retail uses.

"As part of the new vision, we want to hear from all who live, work and visit Weston to help us create a new name."

As part of the engagement on the name change, the public will be able to choose a name based on a theme or put a suggestion forward.

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Examples given on the council's consultation page include 'Super Stores' or 'The Super Centre'.

Other parts of the council's plans to transform the Sovereign Centre include creating a workspace for local businesses which can meet the increasing demand to allow staff to work from home.

Space to introduce more food options has also been considered alongside refurbishing current as well as refurbishing key parts of the interior and exterior of the building

A cycle hub and rental shop are also in the works.

Weston General Stores is a temporary name and the public has been asked to help find a new one.

Weston General Stores is the current placeholder name. - Credit: North Somerset Council

Cllr Canniford added: "There will be the option to respond online or in person.

"This work is phase one of a much bigger project that, over time, we will continue to engage the public on.

"As we undertake this important exercise, the council will continue to seek out future funding options to create a space that meets the needs of our community, today and in the future.”

To take part in the renaming of the Sovereign Centre, log on to