Childminder denies assaulting girl in her care

Bristol Crown Court

Bristol Crown Court - Credit: Gareth Newnham

An experienced childminder from Weston has been accused of assaulting a young girl in her care.

Sasha Scott, of Milton Park Road, has pleaded not guilty to one count of neglect of a child under the age of 13.

Bristol Crown Court heard on Tuesday, the mother of a girl in Scott's care had discovered bruises on her daughter's arm and marks on her back after taking her home.

Scott had told the mother when she had come to pick the child up earlier in the that the child had 'a bad day' and had been sobbing and screaming but she didn't know why.

After discovering the marks the child's mother phoned Scott and asked her for an explanation.

Scott responded: "I hope you are not accusing me of hurting her I have been a childminder for 10 years."

The 30-year-old, had been working alone, when the alleged assault took place.

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Another child in Scott's care described to Bristol Crown Court via video link how they had witnessed Scott push over and 'yank' the arm of the screaming girl before taking her to the kitchen.

The child said: "She wanted to play with me but Sasha said no.

"The girl walked to the gate then Sasha pushed her away and started grabbing her arm, and pulling her and yanked her up."

"I wanted to take her away and leave the house and find another adult."

The child said he could then hear Scott take the girl upstairs as she continued to scream.

They also told the interviewer Scott had sharp nails.

When interviewed by police Scott said the girl had been upset, and she had taken her upstairs and placed her in a travel cot which she had then climbed out of, while she was attending to another child in her care.

Scott denied harming the child and told police she did not know where the bruises and marks had come from.

Scott said the girl would often cry and had a scream which would disturb the other children.

Prosecutor, Tara Wolfe, showed the jury a series of pictures of the injuries the child had sustained taken by Dr Ogbindehli, who said they were consistent with the child being slapped, grabbed, and scratched with moderate force.

The trial continues and is expected to last four days.