Readers discuss Weston’s dog bins

Dog Bin Letter

Dog Bin Letter - Credit: Archant

Readers discussed news that dog bins in Weston would no longer be emptied by an external contractor.

Weston Town Council has brought the dog bin emptying service back in-house after months of collection issues.

All council-owned dog bins were successfully emptied by the grounds team on November 28.

Bins were overflowing in parts of the Mercury patch after the authority's contractor, Greenways Grounds Maintenance, failed to clear them.

The town council removed 12 dog bins last month and now has some in 43 locations, but has no plans to remove any more.

A council spokesman said: "We are pleased to announce that we are now directly carrying out the dog bin emptying service with our grounds team.

"This will enable us to offer a reliable and efficient service for residents of Weston.

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"We are aware certain bins need more than one empty a week and this will be accounted for.

"Over the next few weeks we will also be re-labelling all our dog bins to help distinguish between ours and North Somerset's.

"We recognise the service, which has previously been provided, was unacceptable and inefficient and we hope you see an improvement over the next few weeks."

Many took to social media to share their views.

Stephen Barrie Watters said: "Save the council taxpayers' money and get rid of all of them and make the dog owners take their muck home with them.

"The smell from these bins, even when not overflowing, is disgusting but even more so when dog owners inexplicably look at a full bin and still decide to throw their rubbish on the floor around the bin."

Gareth Saunders added: "Why do we need dog bins anyway?

"If they were really needed they would be all along the seafront.

"We are encouraged to take our pet's mess home but then it goes in the general waste so why is there a need for dog bins in areas where there are normal waste bins?"

Steve Damo Rawlings commented: "We need bigger bins, more collections and also dog only walking parks."

Chris Tovey said: "Just get rid of the bins and fine dog owners who leave the mess.

"It's a thankless service and costs a small fortune."