General Election: Weston-super-Mare’s candidates’ views on… Brexit

PUBLISHED: 19:00 06 June 2017

What are the Weston-super-Mare General Election candidates' views on Brexit?

What are the Weston-super-Mare General Election candidates' views on Brexit?


Brexit has been one of the most divisive issues in politics in recent years, and this was also the case in Weston-super-Mare. With just two days to go until the General Election, we asked the candidates for their views on how it should pan out.

Tim Taylor.Tim Taylor.

Tim Taylor – Labour

“I respect the result of the referendum and my focus is on getting a deal that does not harm local businesses and jobs.

“If, as is likely, the economy contracts due to the Hard Brexit proposed by Theresa May, there will be higher unemployment and less tax revenue to fund health, education and policing.

“Labour’s policy is to negotiate constructively in order to retain as much access as possible to EU markets while maintaining proportionate controls on immigration.”

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John Penrose.John Penrose.

John Penrose – Conservatives

“As Constitution Minister I helped deliver the EU referendum, as promised in my 2015 election manifesto.

“I voted ‘Remain’ last June but, as a democrat first and foremost, now the decision has been taken I believe we’ve got to re-unite after a pretty nasty, divisive campaign, and get on with it.

“That’s why I founded and now lead a cross-party group of MPs in Parliament, working to deliver the best, most practical and sensible Brexit deal possible.”

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Helen Hims.Helen Hims.

Helen Hims – UKIP

“The EU is a supranational political union. We have steadily lost our rights of self-governance over the past 40 years.

“A full British exit from the EU is the only way to control our own destiny, make our own laws, control our own borders, regain our fishing waters and secure our own trade deals.

“I’m the only candidate standing in Weston who campaigned and voted for Brexit. I’m also guaranteed to stick with Brexit whichever way the political wind turns.”

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Suneil Basu.Suneil Basu.

Suneil Basu – Greens

“I voted to remain in the EU not because I believe that Brussels can do no wrong, but that as a key member of the EU we would have the influence to change it to democratise the decision making of the EU, by insisting on a transparent parliament in Europe.

“I would want a second referendum once the terms have been agreed.

“The people of Britain did not sign up for what the Government will deliver.”

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Mike Bell.Mike Bell.

Mike Bell – Liberal Democrats

“I voted remain, but I accept the result of the referendum. Now we need the best Brexit for Britain.

“The choices Theresa May makes will affect your life and country forever – that’s your job, weekly shop, environment, safety, where you can travel to and where you can live.

“That’s why Lib Dems think you should have the final say on whether the deal is right for your family, it’s too important to leave to just politicians.”

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