Weston police boss hails tech improvements

Town Centre Police Sergeant Lee Kerslake.

Town Centre Police Sergeant Lee Kerslake. - Credit: Archant

Town Centre Police Sergeant Lee Kerslake believes Weston is not suffering despite having fewer officers and the closure of its police station.

Complaints are often raised at declining officer numbers due to Government cuts and concerns have been aired over the loss of Weston’s town centre police station, which is being demolished, in favour of a new base near junction 21.

But Sgt Kerslake refuses to accept them as excuses, with millions spent on new kit – which sees officers equipped with laptops in cars – which is making the job easier.

He said: “I leave the numbers talk to people in more political roles. I won’t use the fact that I don’t have as many people as I would have had a few years ago as an excuse.

“It used to be you would have to go to the nick after every job, but the computer is now in the car, and it’s probably better than it ever was at the old nick.

“It’s a far bigger positive move than the closure of the station was a negative move.”