Weston Pride launches LGBTQ Awards to celebrate businesses and individuals

Weston Pride Parade.

Weston Pride Parade. - Credit: Archant

To mark 50 years since the landmark Stonewall Riots and the return of Weston Pride, the organisers are launching a new set of awards.

The Weston Pride LGBTQ+ Equality Champion Awards recognise any LGBT person or ally who has made a significant contribution to advancing equality in their work place, school, college or wider community.

Nominees will have shown a commitment to LGBT rights and have used their talents to further the case, and these will be celebrated across five awards, they are:

– Equality Education Champion – this award recognises any LGBTQ+ persona or ally who has made a significant contribution to advancing equality in an educational environment.

– Equality Workplace Champion – this celebrates someone who has made a contribution to advancing equality in a workplace environment.

– Equality Community Champion – like the previous two awards, this is for someone who has made a similar contribution in the wider community.

– Equality Youth Champion – this award will celebrate someone making these efforts who is under the ago of 18.

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– Equality Organisation Award – the final prize is for an organisation or business which has made an impact either in the community or on a national scale.

This year is a particularly significant year for Pride festivals around the country as they will all pay tribute to the Stonewall Riots which took place in New York City in June 1969.

The series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by the LGBT community against a police raid was the most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and fight for LGBT rights.

This year’s Weston Pride will see local and national singers perform to a packed Grove Park and the award ceremony will celebrate work in the community.

Nominees are invited to enter online at www.wsmpride.com ahead of an awards ceremony on the Grand Pier on June 28.

Weston Pride will be held in Grove Park, in High Street, on July 27-28 from noon onwards.

Tickets, starting at £3, are available from the Weston Pride website.