Full list: Weston's plastic-free business heroes

PUBLISHED: 06:51 09 August 2018 | UPDATED: 06:51 09 August 2018

We can all say no to these items.

We can all say no to these items.


To achieve plastic-free coastline status from Surfers Against Sewage, Weston-super-Mare needed 30 businesses to get rid of three single-use plastics. In total, 50 did just that, while 20 others supported the campaign. Here is our list of Weston-super-Mare's plastic-free heroes.

The Cleaner Coastlines campaign.The Cleaner Coastlines campaign.

Albany Lodge Guest House – Clevedon Road

1) Refills toiletries; 2) All condiments in bottles; 3) Plastic-free toilet rolls; 4) Refills water bottles for free

Animal – High Street

1) No plastic bags

Atlantic Fish Bar – Meadow Street

1) Cardboard takeaway boxes; 2) Wooden forks; 3) Paper bags; 4) Will refill bottles of water

Bare Grills – Richmond Street

1) Swapped to biodegradable straws

Beach Cafe – Marine Parade

1) Cardboard takeout boxes; 2) Paper cones for chips; 3) Wooden forks; 4) Compostable/biodegradable sauce pots, lids only handed out if asked for; 5) Ketchups etc in self-service bottles

Blakehay Theatre – Wadham Street

1) Offers free water bottle refills; 2) Swapped to wooden stirrers; 3) Stopped selling water in plastic bottles; 4) Swapped to washable cups in the auditorium rather than plastic; 5) Removed plastic straws

Bond’s Wine Bar – Walliscote Road

1) paper straws only, 2) no plastic stirrers (for cocktails etc)

Brown’s Stateside Diner – Alexandra Parade

1) Paper takeaway boxes; 2) Wooden drinks stirrers; 3) Glass bottles - no plastic; 4) Condiments provided in bottles, not sachets

Brunello Lounge – Beach Road

1) Swapped to compostable straws; 2) Swapped to compostable takeaway cups; 3) Removed plastic stirrers; 4) Condiments supplied in bottles; 5) Will refill water bottles for free

Caboodle – Meadow Street

1) Swapped to paper bags

Cabot Court Hotel – Knightstone Road

1) Removed plastic straws

Camellia Lodge – Walliscote Road

1) Recycles extensively; 2) Refillable dispensers for toiletries

Cauldron Of Delite – High Street, Worle

1) Paper bags for fruit and veg; 2) Egg boxes made of wood base rather than plastic or polystyrene; 3) Fruit and veg available to buy loose

Clarence House – Clarence Road North

1) Fully recycling plastic, tin, cardboard and paper in kitchen; 2) Removed plastic straws; 3) Removed plastic cutlery; 4) Removed disposable wet wipes

Club Sandwich – Oakwood Business Park, Oldmixon

1) Swapped to biodegradable takeaway cups; 2) Discount offered for reusable cups; 3) Paper bags only; 4) Wooden stirrers; 5) Paper wrapping for sandwiches

Coco’s Canteen – Regent Street

1) Swapped to paper straws; 2) Vegware compostable cups and lids; 3) Vegware takeaway boxes; 4) No plastic cutlery; 5) No plastic condiment sachets; 6) Offers free water refills; 7) 15 per discount for people using reusable cups; 8) 20 per cent discount for cups made from recycled goods (Keep Cups)

Coffee #1 – High Street

1) Switched to compostable takeaway cups; 2) Switched to compostable takeaway lids; 3) Biodegradable takeaway boxes; 4) Wooden drinks stirrers; 5) Wooden takeaway cutlery

Daly Podiatry – Orchard Street

1) Switched to crockery mugs for tea; 2) Removed single-use milk pots and installed cooler with milk bottle; 3) One-cup kettle so only required amount of energy used

Duke Of Oxford – Oxford Street

1) Removed plastic straws; 2) Condiments in bottles rather than sachets; 3) Removed plastic stirrers; 4) Removed plastic cups; 5) Will refill bottles of water; 6) Snack items are supplied in ceramic bowls

Eat: Weston

1) No single-use plastic bottles of water and other beverages allowed by any businesses; 2) No polystyrene or single-use plastic bottles allowed by businesses; 3) Canned or bottled drinks must be served in biodegradable cups; 4) All serveware must be biodegradable; 5) Traders using recyclable and biodegradeable can get discounts; 6) Taster cups must be biodegradable or paper rather than plastic; 7) All packaging must be labelled to show how it should be responsibly disposed of; 8) Refill water schemes promoted; 9) Traders should provide free drinking water refills

Europe Café – Meadow Street

1) Switched to glass bottles, including for water; 2) Recycles everything; 3) Condiments from bottles; 4) Does not issue plastic cutlery; 5) Takeaways in foil cartons with cardboard lids

Finest Blend – Waterloo Street

1) Switched to paper straws; 2) Vegware takeaway cups and lids; 3) Biodegradable takeaway cake and burger boxes; 4) Biodegradable takeaway boxes; 5) No plastic sachets - condiments in bottles and sugar added at counter or provided in jars; 6) Compostable takeaway cutlery; 7) Only glass bottles, not plastic; 8) Offers water refills; 9) Offers reusable cups

Fresh N Tasty Bites – High Street

1) Paper straws; 2) Wooden stirrers; 3) Paper bags; 4) Water refills available; 5) 10p discount for resuable coffee; 6) Sourcing other biodegradable products

Grand Pier – Marine Parade

1) Swapped plastic coin pots for paper ones; 2) Wooden cutlery; 3) Paper/card takeaway boxes

Grove Park Cafe – Grove Park, High Street

1) Swapped to paper straws; 2) Swapped to biodegradable coffee cups; 3) Swapped to wooden stirrers

Hutton Moor Leisure Centre – Hutton Moor Road

1) Replaced plastic cutlery with wood and metal; 2) Replaced plastic plates with paper and china; 3) Replaced plastic straws; 4) Replaced plastic stirrers with wooden ones in the café and vending machines; 5) Refillable cups sold, with free drink on purchase; 6) loyalty points when using reusable cup

idVerde – Oakwood Business Park, Oldmixon

1) Removed individual bins at desk, thus removing c.15 bin liners being replaced daily; 2) Installed recycling bins on each floor; 3) Requested cleaners to change general waste bins in kitchen when required rather than daily; 4) Removed plastic cups from water cooler; 5) Removed UHT milk cartons for use by visitors; 6) Switched to refilling handwash & washing-up liquid containers; 7) Removed lavatory waste bins with plastic bin liners

Linden Lodge – Clevedon Road

1) Refillable dispensers for toiletries; 2) Refillable dispensers for some cereals; 3) Uses paper bags for takeaway lunches; 4) Uses biodegradable bin bags; 5) Makes own butter, yoghurt and bread and avoids plastic packaging; 6) Grows vegetables in allotment to remove need for plastic packaging

Loves Cafe – West Street

1) Water served in glass bottles and from a water urn 2) No plastic straws; 3) Discounts for reusable cups; 4) No plastic lids for takeaway drinks; 5) Will refill water bottles for free

NK Opticians – Meadow Street

1) No plastic bags

O2 – High Street

1) No plastic bags

Optika Opticians – High Street

1) No plastic bags

Orange Corner – Regent Street

1) paper straws only, 2) no plastic stirrers (for cocktails etc)

Outdoors & Active – Meadow Street

Only reusable bottles sold; 2) Uses paper bags; 3) Sells reusable cutlery, metal straws, and other items so customers can reduce their plastic; 4) Offers free water refills

Pandora – High Street

1) No plastic bags

Papa’s – Waterloo Street

1) Wooden forks; 2) Cardboard takeaway boxes; 3) Paper bags

Passion And Soul Food

1) Only uses compostable containers; 2) Uses wooden cutlery; 3) No single-use plastics as far as possible

Piranha Bite – Clover Court

1) Wooden forks; 2) Paper wrapping; 3) Cardboard boxes; 4) Paper bags

Pizza Express – Dolphin Square

1) Cardboard takeaway boxes

Play Wild

1) Replaced plastic spoons with metal ones; 2) Using paper cups instead of plastic; 3) Replacing plastic seed pots with biodegradable ones; 4) Ensures all rubbish is recycled; 5) Discusses the environment during all sessions

Prezzo – Dolphin Square

1) Paper cups only; 2) Cardboard takeaway boxes

Regent Jewellers – Regent Street

1) No plastic bags

Replenish Weston – Meadow Street

1) Offers station for customers to refill containers with cleaning products; 2) Offers refillable person hygiene products; 3) Offers the chance to refill containers with food eg pasta, flour and herbs, 4) Offers a place to return film which can be recycled, but is not done locally, 5) Offers stainless steel and reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes ; 6) Will refill water bottles

Royal British Legion – Meadow Street

1) Switching to paper cups; 2) Switching to paper straws; 3) Changing sandwich boxes away from plastic; 4) Moving away from single-use milk pots; 5) Switching to jam jars from plastic

Sakura Japanese Restaurant – Regent Street

1) Paper takeaway bags; 2) Biodegradable takeaway cups; 3) Wooden chopsticks; 4) Condiments in bottles, not sachets

Scallys – Carlton Street

1) Paper straws; 2) Will refill water bottles

Sea Salt – Bransby Way

1) All bags are paper; 2) Wooden forks; 3) Wood-based serving trays; 4) Cardboard boxes

Seaquarium – Marine Parade

1) Swapped from plastic to wooden cutlery; 2) Using sustainable cutlery; 3) Removed plastic straws

Stones Cafe and Bar – Knightstone Causeway

1) Switched to paper straws; 2) Wooden cutlery for takeaways; 3) Wooden stirrers; 4) Paper carriers for takeaways; 5) Offers water refills

Sunfold Hotel – Beach Road

1) Refillable toiletries; 2) Recycling in separate bins; 3) Using biodegradable bin liners; 4) Switched to paper straws in bar; 5) Condiments at tables in bottles rather than sachets; 6) Switching to paper cotton buds

The Bear Inn – Walliscote Road

1) Paper straws

The Brit Bar – High Street

1) Paper straws

The Dragon Inn – Meadow Street

1) Removed plastic straws

The Food Den – West Street

1) Paper straws; 2) Corn starch cutlery; 3) Biodegradable coffee cups; 4) Takeaway cardboard boxes; 5) Hot meals in foil containers; 6) Paper bags; 7) Wooden stirrers; 8) Provides water refills; 9) Refills oils and vinegars; 10) Notice in shop encouraging people to go plastic free, and selling reusable bags in aid of RNLI

The Hive/North Somerset Enterprise Agency – Beaufighter Road

1) Only real crockery for coffee machines; 2) No plastic cutlery; 3) Proper recycling bins in kitchens; 4) All catering done with cutlery and crockery; 5) Wooden stirrers; 6) Encourages tenants to recycle; 7) Recycling box in reception for cartridges and mobiles

The Kitchen Chef

1) Replaced plastic macaroon bags with paper ones; 2) Removed plastic carrier bags; 3) Replaced plastic forks with wooden ones

The Loft – Oxford Street

1) Removed plastic straws

The New Castle – Kewstoke Road, Kewstoke

1) Recycled cardboard boxes for takeaway food; 2) Paper straws; 3) Wooden stirrers; 4) Will refill water bottles; 5) No plastic bottles on premises - all glass

The Stable – Wadham Street

1) Removed plastic cups; 2) Metal cutlery; 3) Glasses; 4) Non-plastic crockery

Tokyo Wok – Orchard Place

1) Paper takeaway bags; 2) Paper bags for small items; 3) Wooden chopsticks; 4) Biodegradable forks

Unwined Wine Bar – South Parade

1) Swapped plastic straws for copper ones

Vapor Clean – Ebdon Bow Farm

1) Only changes individual bins when required; 2) Using fewer black bin bags; 3) Employees use reusable gloves rather than disposable ones; 4) Refills cleaning bottles; 5) Encouraging clients to switch to biodegradeable bags and greener practices

Victorian Cafe – Marine Parade

1) Only provides straws on request; 2) Removed plastic Slush lids; 3) Refillable cups filled for the same price, even though bigger than usual serving; 4) Switching from polystyrene boxes to paper when stocks run out; 5) Will be using Vegware cups and lids when stocks run out; 6) Will replace plastic cutlery when stocks run out

Vision Express – High Street

1) No plastic bags

Visitor Information Centre – Tropicana, Marine Parade

1) Offers water refill station; 2) Has stopped selling plastic bottles of water; 3) Offers reusable alternative for people to buy to use for water; 4) Removed plastic bags; 5) Encourages tourists to pick up litter; 6) Removed sandcastle flags with plastic poles

Weston Museum – Burlington Street

1) Uses only loose tea; 2) Switched to paper bags; 3) Refill station for bottles of water; 4) Compostable takeaway cups

Weston Support Services – Searle Crescent

1) As a cleaning company, it uses a lot of black and white bags. It has reduced black bin bags to one per customer, reducing consumption by 50 per cent; 2) Cleaners offered high-quality reusable gloves instead of disposable latex gloves; 3) All plastic spray bottles are refilled; 4) All plastic cups banned in the office; 5) All staff issued with a reusable company mug and water bottle

Worle Village Butchers – Devonia House

1) Replaced plastic square packaging with paper squares; 2) Swapped from plastic to paper to wrap meat in; 3) Replaced plastic bags with paper bags; 4) Prepared/marinated meats supplied in foil trays instead of plastic


1) Now uses biodegradable wrapping on all products; 2) Using only paper lolly sticks, not plastic; 3) Only supplying paper bags

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