Woman ‘traumatised’ after racial attack in Weston-super-Mare

Dragon Inn - Meadow Street

Dragon Inn - Meadow Street - Credit: Archant

A woman has been left feeling ‘traumatised’ and feels she has ‘lost her freedom’ after a drunken stranger launched an abusive racial attack at her.

Tanya Cullen, aged 33, told a black woman something along the lines of ‘f****** n*****, go back to your own country’ at The Dragon Inn, in Meadow Street, a court heard last week.

Patience Cranwell, the woman Cullen targeted on June 2, felt ‘threatened and undervalued’ by her remarks and ‘judged’ because of her colour, which has left her feeling unsafe to go out in public without her partner because of the onslaught.

Cullen was found guilty of making a racially aggravated comment which caused harassment, alarm or distress at North Somerset Courthouse on February 14.

Prosecutor Jane Cooper said: “At 11.27pm CCTV showed Cullen with her cousin outside the Dragon Inn, where they were refused entry as they were heavily intoxicated and had previously been barred.

“Cullen picked up a traffic cone and entered the inn through the North Street entrance into its beer garden.

“At 11.32pm, CCTV shows her carrying the cone and walking to a table which was occupied by Ms Cranwell, her partner Anthony Jay and her friend from Manchester, Gail.

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“None of the parties know each other and it is alleged Cullen said ‘f****** n*****, go back to your own country’.

“Mr Jay tried to move her away, and Ms Cranwell was shocked and hurt by what was said.”

Mr Jay said the attack took place in ‘five or 10 seconds’ and he was ‘annoyed and upset’ adding ‘if someone is attacking my partner they are attacking me’.

The court was told Ms Cranwell feels she has ‘lost her freedom’, adding: “I have lived in England for 10 years and feel threatened and very undervalued as a person.

“I don’t feel safe or free to go out to public without my partner and I have been judged because of my ethnicity which left me feeling upset, shaken and traumatised by someone I have never met before, and solely because of my colour.

Cullen argued she could not remember the night and had been drinking while on medication, adding that she was embarrassed by her actions.

Cullen, of Marconi Close in Weston, will be sentenced at the same court on March 20.