FIVE GOLD RINGS: Win £500 Walker & Ling voucher tonight

Five Gold Rings winner Caroline Riordan with Caboodle owner Steve Finch and the Mercury's Chloe Day.

Five Gold Rings winner Caroline Riordan with Caboodle owner Steve Finch and the Mercury's Chloe Day. Picture: Martin Slade - Credit: Martin Slade

One Weston woman had an early birthday and Christmas present last week after becoming the third lucky winner of a prize worth £500.

Caroline Riordan, aged 44, was out wandering through the Sovereign Shopping Centre with her family when she decided she would ‘try her luck’ and enter the Five Gold Rings competition on December 13.

The Mercury, working in partnership with Weston BID, gave her a £500 voucher to spend in high-quality jeweller Caboodle.

Speaking moments after being declared the winner, Caroline said: “I am quite shocked as I have never won anything like this before.

“I haven’t got a clue what I am going to buy.

“I just cannot believe it.

“We were just passing through, we were up here last week and entered then and I just thought I would try my luck again.

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“When the number came up on my phone I was shocked. I was just around the corner when I answered the phone as I was already on my way around.”

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Caroline told the Mercury it was the ‘perfect surprise’ as she prepared to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.

Caboodle owner Steve Finch, who was involved with Five Gold Rings last year, said he was happy to be able to ‘support local businesses’ and ‘encourage people to shop locally’.

He added: “Hopefully the Thursday nights do bring people into town to see their local shops, because there are so many local businesses.

“You can really find interesting presents and it is surprising how many people do not know what is available on their doorstep.

“She seems really made up and it looks like it has gone to a really worthy winner.”

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Three of the four prizes have now been given away and tonight (Thursday) is the final opportunity to win.

To get your hands on a £500 voucher for Weston department store, Walker & Ling, enter the draw at the Mercury stand in the Sovereign Shopping Centre. Drivers can park at the centre for free after 5pm.

The rules are simple, head over to the booth and fill out a form and post it into the letterbox.

At 7.30pm, one lucky winner will be drawn and their number called. They must answer within five rings and, if they answer, have five minutes to make it back to the stand to collect their prize.