Weston Super Rocks launched to ‘spread joy’ in town centre

Tania Bodalia with her brother and two sisters.

Tania Bodalia with her brother and two sisters. - Credit: Eleanor Young

A woman who has battled with anxiety has launched a quirky art project in Weston to spread joy across the town and reduce social isolation.

Weston Super Rocks is inviting people to get creative and brighten someone’s day by painting a pebble and hiding it for someone else to find.

The project is the brainchild of Tania Bodalia, aged 31, who was inspired by Plymouth Pebble Art to ‘spread joy’ in the town.

Tania, whose family own Treats Café in Meadow Street, told the Mercury art and graphic design helped her overcome her own anxiety.

She added: “I struggled with depression and mental health and I started pushing my boundaries to overcome it.

“Art has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to be able to help others like me.

“The aim of Weston Super Rocks is to bring the community together to stop bullying and start spreading kindness around our town, one rock at a time.”

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Weston Super Rocks is holding sessions so people can plan what they want to feature on their rocks and use acrylic paint to bring their creation to life.

Tania also provides books and photos to inspire her group, covering topics from Disney and Harry Potter to inspirational quotes.

Tania said: “Once they have finished their designs, we encourage them to go out and hide their rock somewhere in the community and post a clue about where it is on our Weston Super Rocks Facebook group.

“Then when someone stumbles across it, a note on the back of the rock points them to visit the group where they can thank the artist and find out more about what we do.

“They can then either re-hide the rock for someone else to find or keep it as a memento.

“It is all about a random act of kindness to make someone’s day a bit better and put a smile on their face.

“Our artists love to see pictures when their creations are found, and love to see them move from park to park spreading joy.”

Sesssions run from 11am-1pm and 1-3pm and each group holds up to 16 people.

The next events will be held on March 27 at Treats Café and at Weston Library, in Walliscote Grove Road, on March 29.

To find out more about Weston Super Rocks, visit its Facebook group.