Weston teen given suspended sentence for role in gang attack on 15-year-old girl

Al Hoori was handed a 20-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years. Picture: Archant

Al Hoori was handed a 20-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A teenage girl who was assaulted by a Weston woman has ‘struggled to live a normal life since the attack’.

Jamiila Al Hoori, of Monkton Avenue, pleaded guilty to assault by beating at Bristol Crown Court on Friday.

Despite being just aged 17 when the incident occurred on October 25 2017, Al Hoori was handed a 20-week custodial sentence in a youth offender institution, suspended for two years as an adult for her role in the assault.

Al Hoori was part of a group of six girls who targeted the teenager outside The Grand Atlantic Hotel, in Beach Road, after the victim allegedly called the police about a fight which had broken out at 9.30pm the same evening.

The group followed the victim, called her a 'snitch' and knocked her to the ground.

She was then set upon by six people and was kicked and punched numerous times.

The court was told Al Hoori's victim has not returned to Weston since the incident.

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The girl, in a statement read to the court, said: "I have struggled to live a normal life since the attack.

"My education has been largely disrupted by the events of that night and I fear of going into Weston in case of another attack."

James Haskell, prosecuting, said the attack was 'clearly sustained'.

He said: "She was punched repeatedly to the face, was kicked a number of times while already lying on the floor, had her hair pulled and her head was hit against the kerb.

"She was scared and forced to resort to curling up in a ball on the floor and she was struck repeatedly in what was clearly a sustained attack.

"She was lying on the floor, crying and begging them to stop. They only stopped when an eyewitness shouted 'stop, she's only 15'."

Al Hoori was given a six-month curfew by the judge and cannot leave her house between 8pm and 6am.

She was also ordered to complete 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirement.

Judge Julian Lambert said to her: "There are people who are trying to help you, but at the moment it does not seem as though you are trying very hard to help yourself.

"I would recommend having a little more self respect and to stop poisoning your body with drugs and alcohol."