Independent house plants shop opens in Weston town centre

David Rickett and Deanna and Sean Swords. Picture: Your HousePlants

David Rickett and Deanna and Sean Swords. Picture: Your HousePlants - Credit: Archant

An independent business specialising in house plants has opened in Weston town centre.

Your HousePlants has opened a store in South Parade.

The shop was the brainchild of David Rickett and Deanna and Sean Swords.

Together they have more than 60 years of experience in the plant trade and regularly travel around Europe to bring the best from the continent and from local growers to garden centres across the UK and visitor attractions, such as The Eden Project in Cornwall.

Deanna said: “During lockdown we could not trade, and the local people of Weston and the surrounding villages kept us going with private orders.

“We really appreciated this direct contact with the public and we decided to take the next step and open a shop on the High Street.

“It means we can bring our passion for wonderful high-quality plants directly to people in their own homes.

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“It is inspiring to think that we can bring this level of quality to people’s homes, weddings and businesses in our neighbourhood.”

The shop sells plants of all sizes and unusual plants as well as popular items including cacti, bonsai, carnivorous, hanging plants and tall foliage.

It also stocks everything needed to look after plants including pots, macramé, and sundries.

Sean said: “You don’t need to have a huge garden to get close to nature and to the beauty of flowers and plants, just a small space in your house can give a great home to a plant or flowers and really help to raise your own spirits in these difficult times.

“People get value from the way the plants look but also from taking care of them, we know a lot of people who can talk to their house plants.

“Plants also clean the air in the home and provide wonderful, ever-changing décor.”

David added: “The high street in Weston and around the country is changing and the usual shops that we have become accustomed to seeing are becoming fewer and further between.

“It is great to be a new business opening in the town and we hope that Weston will support this venture and help to keep our high street alive as we have done in the past.

“We have certainly had a lot of interest from local people and support from other businesses, we just want to bring people here on to the streets to get something beautiful for their homes.”