Whitney Houston tribute act turns children's writer in lockdown

Mum of four Kieshia said it is 'important to keep a positive mindset' during lockdown.

Mum of four Kieshia said it is 'important to keep a positive mindset' during lockdown. - Credit: Kieshia Chun

A Whitney Houston tribute act has revealed how lockdown prompted her to write and publish her first children's book using her savings.

Kieshia Chun, of Milton in Weston, used the last of her savings from the gigs she performed before the coronavirus pandemic to fund the publishing of her Peter the Picky Polar Bear story.

The mother of four also revealed how the story fell on her plate during a lunchtime spent in the park with her kids.

Kiesha Chun

Kiesha used money saved from gigs as a Whitney Houston tribute act to fund the publishing of her first book. - Credit: Kieshia Chun

Ms Chun said: "When I was eating out with my family, my children were being particular about their lunches, so I started writing on my phone and did not stop until I had finished. It was quick and organic."

Kieshia's four boys, who are five, nine, 10 and 13 years old, enjoy listening to their mum's stories before bedtime.

She added: "They all love to listen to my stories, and it’s even more special when they hear it from notes on a phone to a physical book with illustrations."

The story of Peter the Picky Polar Bear focuses on 'a little bear who decides he does not like fish before he’s tried it' and is 'written for all the fussy eaters out there'.

Peter the Picky Polar Bear

Peter the Picky Polar Bear is potentially the first in a series of kid's books. - Credit: Kieshia Chun

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Plans for Kieshia's first release is to kickstart a series of kids' books.

She added: "My best-case scenario would be to see my book stocked in the likes of Waterstones, where I spent many hours as a child.

"Or even for someone to want to make a children’s TV series out of Peter’s adventures, as he is the number one of an upcoming series I’m working on. I dream big.

"It is important to keep a positive mindset, for myself because I struggle with anxiety and depression on and off, so this keeps me focussed and happy.

"For my children, they deserve the best version of their mum, setting the best example. I want them to know that they can do anything they put their minds to. That is probably the biggest drive for me to keep going."

Peter the Picky Polar Bear

Gift wrapped and signed copies are available at www.kieshiachun.co.uk - Credit: Kieshia Chun

The book is available to buy online now on Amazon or, for signed and gift-wrapped copies, visit Kieshia's website. 

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