The Whirligig: A new outdoor arts festival comes to Weston

Dip for Whirligig outdoor festival Weston

Dip for Whirligig outdoor festival Weston - Credit: Archant

Come to Weston’s Theatre Orchard for a free, fun-filled day of sensational spectacles

A new festival of outdoor arts comes to Weston this month.

A whole host of world-class acts will take over the town's Italian Gardens on Saturday July 13th as Theatre Orchard presents Whirligig.

The action-packed event will feature an eclectic mix of stunning, outdoor entertainment from crowd-pulling international shows, wacky walkabout acts and dancing in the streets to circus workshops, craft area and a host of fun activity, including face painters, stilt walkers, a giant stegosaurus and a smoothie bike, serving up freshly made flavours.

Amongst the programme highlights are Gandini Juggling's Eight Songs, a UK-based juggling act choreographed to eight classic rock and roll songs, including timeless tunes by Dylan, Bowie and the Rolling Stones; Ockham's Razor's Belly of the Whale, a mesmerising act where the performers ride a giant semi-circular see-saw; Max Calaf Sevé's dip, a stunning trampoline show with Spanish style; Acrojou's The Wheel House, a travelling wheel on the road to nowhere in a beautifully comic universe and Dizzy O' Dare's Baba Yaga's House, a roaming, ramshackle old cottage built on chicken legs.

The shows are supported by Without Walls, England's biggest network of outdoor arts festivals.

Theatre Orchard is one of just two organisations in the South West to be a member of the Without Walls Touring Network Partnership.

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Fiona Matthews, creative director at Theatre Orchard, said: "Whirligig promises to be an exhilarating fiesta of activity by the sea, programmed with our trademark flair and sense of fun. We are excited to be working with some of the best acts on the international circuit, all who will dazzle with their skill and energy, alongside lots of activities for everyone to enjoy. And, to make people whirl and twirl even more, it's all for free!"

Whirligig follows the success of the WOW Weekend of Wonders circus-themed extravaganza, presented by Theatre Orchard in Weston over the past two years and which has attracted thousands of local people and visitors to the area.

More recently, Theatre Orchard produced Danny Boyle's national initiative, Pages of the Sea, in Weston, a poignant day of remembrance which saw the community come together on the beach to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War.

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