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PUBLISHED: 08:00 05 May 2011

Teams of vote-counters will toil through the night at the Winter Gardens - and the results will appear live at www.westonmercury.co.uk

Teams of vote-counters will toil through the night at the Winter Gardens - and the results will appear live at www.westonmercury.co.uk


NEARLY 200 candidates will fight to win the 61 seats on North Somerset Council when the district goes to the polls today (Thurs).

Some 182 people – including some high profile former councillors, and a host of first-time would-be politicians – will be 
battling for your votes.

If you have an issue you feel passionately about, want action to tackle a problem, or feel strongly about the performance of past councils, this is your chance to make sure your voice is heard.

The Conservative Party - which has held a big majority within the authority for the past four years - has put forward the most candidates, and is contesting 58 seats.

The Labour Party is bidding for victory on 53 fronts, while the Liberal Democrats are hoping for success in 42 areas.

Twenty Independent candidates will be hunting votes, along with five Green Party representatives, three members of the UK Independence Party and a sole nominee from the All The South Party.

The most heavily-contested ward will be Weston West, where 12 different people will be hoping for election.

Alongside the North Somerset Council poll, there are also a host of ballots for town and parish councils, as well as a nationwide referendum on voting reforms.

You can find a list of candidates standing in your area below. And remember you can keep up with the results with our live coverage from the count at Weston Town Hall tonight.

Click on the link on our homepage to join the election day discussions and for poll results as they are announced throughout the night and tomorrow.

North Somerset Council:

n BANWELL & WINSCOMBE: Stanley Banks (Labour), Cresten Boase (Green), Barry Edwards (Labour), Georgina Edwards (Labour), David 
Gilbert (Liberal Democrat), Ann Harley 
(Conservative), Tony Lake (Conservative), Tim 
Marter (Conservative), Brian Pike (Liberal 

n BLAGDON & CHURCHILL: Mark Burgess (Labour), Liz Wells (Conservative).

n CONGRESBURY: June How (Liberal 
Democrats), Tom Leimdorfer (Green), Samantha Pepperall (Conservative), Anthony Wontner-Smith (Labour).

n HUTTON & LOCKING: Elfan Ap Rees 
(Conservative), Glyn Hayes (Liberal Democrats), Hamish Macdonald-Fraser (Liberal Democrats), Terry Porter (Conservative), Tony Probert (Labour), Timothy Taylor (Labour).

n KEWSTOKE: Jeffrey Alen (Liberal Democrats), Susan Popperwell (Labour), Ian Porter 

n WESTON CENTRAL: Mike Bell (Liberal 
Democrats), David Drinkwater (Labour), Mike 
Kellaway-Marriott (Conservative), Clare 
Kingsbury-Bell (Liberal Democrats), Keith Morris (Conservative), Elisabeth Roberts (Green), Fred Roberts (Labour).

Bateman (Labour), Jenny Bindon (Liberal 
Democrats), Amanda Brading (Liberal Democrats), Anthony Bryant (Conservative), John Ley-Morgan (Independent), June Parker (Labour), David Poole (Conservative), Bryan Trotter (Labour), Clive Webb (Conservative).

n WESTON EAST: Will Collins (Conservative), David Cordingley (Liberal Democrats), Catherine Gibbons (Labour), Keith Harrison (Liberal 
Democrats), Mark Johnston (Liberal Democrats), Michael Lyall (Labour), Dawn Payne 
(Conservative), David Power (Conservative), 
Richard Tucker (Labour).

n WESTON MILTON & OLD WORLE: Stephen Bowering (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Fudge (Conservative), Jenny Gosden (Liberal Democrats), Monish Kelly (Labour), Michael O’Regan (Labour), Steven Pearse-Danker (UK Independence Party), Lisa Pilgrim (Conservative), Louis Rostill (UK Independence Party), Elizabeth Swan (Labour), Norman Sycamore (Liberal Democrats), Roz Willis (Conservative).

n WESTON NORTH WORLE: Darius Foster (Labour), Peter Hardaway (Liberal Democrats), Andrew Hughes (Labour), Philip Judd 
(Conservative), Ronald Moon (Liberal Democrats), Marcia Pepperall (Conservative), Sonia Russe 
(Conservative), Jacqueline Scholes (Labour), 
Richard Skinner (Liberal Democrats).

n WESTON SOUTH: Mel Ashworth (Liberal Democrats), Bob Bateman (Labour), John Butler (Conservative), John Carter (Conservative), Bob Dawson (Liberal Democrats), Francis Drake (Conservative), John Hopkins (Independent), Ian Parker (Labour), Debbie Stone (Labour), Amanda Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats).

n WESTON SOUTH WORLE: Robert Cleland (Conservative), Peter Crew (Conservative), Dave Dash (Labour), Gully Hayer (Liberal Democrats), David Hitchins (Conservative), Christopher Howell (Liberal Democrats), Edward Keating (Liberal Democrats), Derek Kraft (Labour), Simon Stokes (Labour).

n WESTON WEST: Dorothy Agassiz (Labour), Oliver Ballard (Labour), Mark Canniford (Liberal Democrats), Robert Craig (All the South), John Crockford-Hawley (Liberal Democrats), Simon 
Harrison-Morse (Labour), Andrew Horler 
(Conservative), Harold James (UK Independence Party), Christopher Kimitri (Conservative), Brian Outten (Green), Dawn Parry (Conservative), Robert Payne (Liberal Democrats).

n WRINGTON: Peter Ellis (Conservative), 
Deborah Yamanaka (Liberal Democrats).

n YATTON: Alan Bagg (Labour), Wendy Griggs (Liberal Democrats), Juley Howard (Independent), Jill Iles (Conservative), Tony Moulin (Independent), Annabel Tall (Conservative), Carol Walker (Labour), Hedley Woods (Labour).

Town and parish polls:

n BANWELL: Paul Bateman, Steven Davies, Richie Griffin, Angela Haden, Don Kinsey, Anthony Lydon, Liz Shayler, Jim Weston, Tracey Wilmott.

n BLAGDON: Michael Adams, Richard Bartlett, Johanna Brown, David Gould, Mark Hichens, Glen Hooper, Ian Pratt, Olga Shotton, Philip Smith, Mary Taviner, Caroline Way, Dorothy Woodman.

n BLEADON: Brian Gamble, Rob House, Trevor Marshall, Clive Morris, Miles Orme, David Plaister, Keith Pyke, Penny Skelley.

n BREAN: Robert Chatterton, Hilary Guy, Jonathan Harris, Trevor Hicks, Dan Holland, Valerie Jackman, Derek Petrie, David Scott.

n BROCKLEY: Michael Fishwick, David Pike, Julian Ridge, Robert Ridge, Bryan Smith.


- HIGHBRIDGE: Jonathan Bickerton (Liberal Democrat), Pat Burge (Independent), Linda Davis (Labour), Helen Groves (Liberal Democrat), Bill Hancock (Liberal Democrat), Richard Hopkins (Labour), Janet Keen (Conservative), Roger Keen (Conservative), Alan Miller (Liberal Democrat), Terry Richard (Conservative), Victoria Thompson (Liberal Democrat), Chris Williams (Labour)

- EAST: Phil Harvey (Liberal Democrat), Kate Lawson (Liberal Democrat), Martin Lloyd 
(Conservative), Paul Mills (Conservative)

- CENTRAL AND SOUTH: Keith Beckinsale (Liberal Democrat), Michael Clarke (Conservative), Dennis Davey (Conservative), Raymond Leach (Liberal Democrat), Sean Watts (Liberal Democrat), Paul Young (Conservative)

- MARINE: Sheila Forrester (Liberal Democrat), Joe Leach (Liberal Democrat), Mike Mansfield (Independent)

- NORTH: Peter Burridge-Clayton 
(Conservative), Martin Cox (Conservative), Toby Franklin (Liberal Democrat), Sue Harvey (Liberal Democrat), Neville Jones (Conservative), Angie Leach (Liberal Democrat), Bethan Lee (Liberal Democrat), Janty Marsden (Labour), Louise 
Parkin (Conservative), Pauline Pollard 
(Conservative), Faye Price (Liberal Democrat), Ken Smout (Conservative), Jackie Tanner (Liberal Democrat)

- WEST: Andy Brewer (Conservative), Tom Nicholls (Liberal Democrat)

n BURRINGTON: Roger Daniels, Paul Keel, John Rhodes, Frances Wilson.

n BUTCOMBE: Victoria Britten, John Collins, Ivor Metherell, Justim Milward.

n CHURCHILL: Alan Brown, Jackie Bush, Bill Carruthers, Graham Fortune, Brenden Hill, Valerie Langley, Neville Lee, Pamela Millward, Dee Powell, Robert Vickery.

n CLEEVE: Jean Ashman, Hilary Burn, Barbara Cush, Marianne Pitman, George Stringer, Carolyn Woodthorpe.

n CONGRESBURY: Derek Miles, Arthur Hacking, Diana Hassan, Kenneth Hill, Paul Jarvis, Martin Lang, Stuart Sampson, Peter Sewell.

n HUTTON: David Bradley, John Cole, Sarah 
Gibson, Glyn Hayes, Martin Howell, Ian Pickett, Norman Poole, Terry Porter, Will Stabbins, Tim Westwood, Polly White.

n KEWSTOKE: Russell Adams, Christine Bates, Ken Harper, Anthony Horry, David Jolley, Jim 
Macdonald, Tony Morris, Roy Pearson, MJ Ray, Cedric Thomas, Nancy Whyte.

n LOCKING: Bill Bearsby, Michael Cooper, Gordon Davey, Clifford Dumbell, John Keate, Peter Lacey, Douglas Lindsay, Leslie Mason, Paul 
Millbank, Julia Moss, Christine Newey, Noel Walter.

n LOXTON: Mark Amesbury, Matthew Avison, Adrian Honour, Ian Shipton, Mark Tilley.

n PUXTON: Kelvin Austin, Geoff Board, Michael Cunningham, Tom Dalley, Jim Gilbody, James 
Glimstead, Kelvin Glimstead, Mark Hamlin, Peter Jones, Andy McKenzie, Derek Mead, Chris Redding.

n ST GEORGES: Janys Warren, John Warren.

n WEDMORE: AJ Banks, Richard Burden, Glenys Cousins, Lindsey Craig, Robert Duckett, James Gibbs, Jessica Healey, William Healey, Malcolm Johnson, Richard Kilburn, Andrew Nash.


- Ashcombe Wood: Raymond Armstrong (Liberal Democrats), Oliver Ballard (Labour), Robert Craig (All the South), John Crockford-Hawley (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Fudge (Conservative), Dawn Parry (Conservative), Elizabet Wastlund (Labour).

- Birnbeck: Chris Kimitri (Conservative), Robert Payne (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Varney (Labour).

- Bleadon Hill: Peter Fox (Conservative), Hamish Macdonald-Fraser (Liberal Democrats), June Parker (Labour).

- Bournville & Coronation: John Carter 
(Conservative), June How (Liberal Democrats), Simon Stokes (Labour), Roseana Warwick (Labour), Amanda Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Williams (Conservative).

- Broadoak & Uphill: Jeffrey Alen (Liberal Democrats), Roger Bailey (Conservative), David Gilbert (Liberal Democrats), Simon Harrison-Morse (Labour), John Ley-Morgan (Independent), Keith Morris (Conservative), Bryan Trotter (Labour).

- Castle Batch: Roger Howard (Conservative), Peter Hardaway (Liberal Democrats), Sonia Russe (Conservative), Lisa Youlton (Labour).

- Central: Geoffrey Bunn (Conservative), 
David Drinkwater (Labour), Mike Kellaway-Marriott (Conservative), Clare Kingsbury-Bell (Liberal 
Democrats), Fred Roberts (Labour), Holly Young (Liberal Democrats).

- Clarence: Jose Bateman (Labour), Brian Pike (Liberal Democrats), Clive Webb (Conservative).

- Earlham: Malcolm Brown (Liberal Democrats), Will Collins (Conservative), David Cordingley (Liberal Democrats), Michael Lyall (Labour), Pauline Priestman (Conservative), Richard Tucker (Labour).

- Ebdon: Darius Foster (Labour), Jan 
Holloway (Conservative), Richard Skinner (Liberal Democrats).

- Ellenborough: Mike Bell (Liberal Democrats), Annabelle Chard (Labour), Jos Holder 

- Ewart: Mark Johnston (Liberal Democrats), David Power (Conservative), Tim Taylor (Labour).

- Grove: Mark Canniford (Liberal Democrats), Brenda Charles (Conservative), Deborah Hooper (Labour), Harold James (UK Independence).

- Hutton Moor: Catherine Gibbons (Labour), Keith Harrison (Liberal Democrats), Len Purnell (Conservative).

- Mead Vale: Dorothy Agassiz (Labour), 
Christopher Howell (Liberal Democrats), Michal Kus (Conservative).

- Milton: Michael O’Regan (Labour), Norman Sycamore (Liberal Democrats), Roz Willis 

- Oldmixon: Bob Dawson (Liberal Democrats), Francis Drake (Conservative), Cyril King (Labour).

- Summer Lane: Jennifer Bindon (Liberal Democrats), Peter Crew (Conservative), Dave Dash (Labour), Brian Grace (Labour), David Hitchins (Conservative), Ann Withers (Liberal Democrats).

- Worle Central: Clive Darke (Conservative), Jenny Gosden (Liberal Democrats), Andrew Hughes (Labour), Louis Rostill (UK Independence).

- Worle East: Paula Howell (Liberal Democrats), Philip Judd (Conservative), Frederick Parsons 
(Conservative), Susan Popperwell (Labour), 
Jacqueline Scholes (Labour).

- Worle South: Robert Cleland (Conservative), Edward Keating (Liberal Democrats), Alan Peak (Labour).

- Worlebury: Stephen Bowering (Liberal Democrats), Monish Kelly (Labour), Lisa Pilgrim (Conservative), Ian Porter (Conservative), Elizabeth Swann (Labour).

- Wyvern: Mel Ashworth (Liberal Democrats), John Butler (Conservative), Tony Probert (Labour).


- East Wick: Tony Allen, Dave Burdge, Elizabeth Edwards, Bob Parsons, Frederick Parsons.

- West Wick: Tricia Clark, Jacqueline Hockley.

Ballard, Neil Bentley, Mark Boddy, Mandy Brading, Steven Bridges, Janet Corry, Phyllis Cram, Archie Forbes, Sue Kent, Gerald Lloyd, Geoffrey Luckett, Valerie McGann, Gavin Rider, Christopher Sampson, John Westlake, Michael Williamson.


- North East: Christine Turton.

- South West: Georgie Bigg, David Glynn, Lucie Howells, Patricia Ledbury, John Rawlins, Paul Robinson, Deborah Yamanaka.


- Claverham: Trevor Bidwell-Ford, Jean Watson.

- Horsecastle: Jane Bollen, David Crossman, Robert Jenner, Rhiannon Prys-Owen, Caroline Sheard.

- North: Charles Blunsdon, Mike Cox, Martyn Hooper, Viv Wathen.

- South: Wendy Griggs, Graham Humphreys, Sue Morris, Ian Payne, Brian Phillips, Theresa Williams.

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