Can you spare your time to help preserve green spaces in Weston and Worle?

Julie Hitchens who is setting up Wild Weston. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Julie Hitchens who is setting up Wild Weston. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

Vertical gardens and micro-parks could feature in Weston following a group launched with hopes of improving biodiversity in town.

Wild Weston, set up by wildlife enthusiast Julie Hitchens, wants to conserve Weston and Worle's natural spaces through a re-wilding project.

North Somerset Council has also agreed to embark on the scheme, which will look to identify as many verges, parks and open spaces as possible which can grow freely in the area.

Wild Weston founder Julie Hitchens said: "The initiative was set up in July, and I've taken influence from conservation ideas started by Big Worle's Wildlife Walks, led by BBC presenter Chris Sperring.

"When they stopped, I thought it would be a great idea to set-up a group which works to preserve and protect natural forestry in Weston and Worle, which will hopefully attract more wildlife to the area as well.

"There are so many conservation opportunities which could be put in motion, and we're working on meeting with Weston Town Council and North Somerset's authority on ideas going forward."

Councillor Catherine Gibons spearheaded North Somerset's re-wilding project at a full council meeting on July 23. The scheme has been adopted by several authorities in England, with wildflowers allowed to grow on grass verges instead of being cut.

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Julie continued: "I think Weston High Street could see a micro-park incorporated in it, with little islands of grassland which will attract wildlife to the centre.

"Mobile planters are also an option at Weston's Italian Gardens, which could be moved around when there's an event on.

"These are all just ideas, and the group has been designed to be a people's project, which has now been endorsed by the council.

"Wild Weston has around 90 supporters, and it needs people who know Weston and Worle to help-out with conservation work, probably around twice a month.

"I'd hope to get 50 volunteers on board to help with the cause."

Wild Weston will hold its first gathering, where people can pitch re-wilding ideas, at Big Worle, in Clovelly Road, on August 17 from 1-2.30pm.

For more information, log on to the Wild Weston Facebook page.