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The Weston & Somerset Mercury has teamed up with the Odeon, Weston, to offer two lucky readers the chance to each win a pair of tickets to see any film of their choice, subject to availability

MY NAME is Norbit Albert Rice, and I was an orphan.Thus begins the story of Norbit (Eddie Murphy), who is brought up by Mr Wong (also played by Murphy) at the Golden Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage.At the orphanage he meets his true soulmate, Kate (Thandie Newton), and the two become inseparable until she is adopted and leaves to start a new life.Rescued on the school playground from the taunts of three bullies by hefty Rasputia Latimore (also Murphy), Norbit and Rasputia grow up and marry.A dysfunctional family at best, Rasputia and her three brothers own the Latimore Construction Company, an outpost from which they try to run the town of Boiling Springs, Tennessee. They spend most of their time running the good, hard-working people ragged, badgering and extorting money from them.Such is Norbit's lot, until his world undergoes a dramatic change when the grown-up and beautiful Kate returns to Boiling Springs to buy the orphanage from the retiring Mr. Wong. But she is being conned by her seemingly adoring fiance, Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr), who is secretly in cahoots with the conniving Latimores and are planning to turn the orphanage into a strip club called The Nipplopolis.But steadfast Norbit sees through their plan with a dawning realization that all is not right in Boiling Springs, or in the Norbit household. With the reawakening of his feelings for Kate, he gains a newfound assertiveness, rejecting the role of a downtrodden and exploited man in favour of a crusading hero who knows how to dress sharply, please the ladies and ride a bike. Will he finally stand up to the Latimores and save his true love from marrying the wrong guy? Will the mild mannered mouse find his inner lion and set things right in Boiling Springs? And will he ever lose the overwhelming, overpowering and overeating Rasputia? Norbit is showing at the Odeon, Weston, from March 9.* The Weston & Somerset Mercury has teamed up with the Odeon, Weston, to offer twoe lucky readers the chance to each win a pair of tickets to see a film of their choice, subject to availability.To enter, please answer the following question: What is the name of the construction company Rasputia and her three brothers run? * Closes: 9am on March 15.* Usual Archant rules apply and the editor's decision is final.

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