Care home launches appeal to create sensory area

The courtyard which staff are hoping to turn into a nostalgic sensory area for residents.

The courtyard which staff are hoping to turn into a nostalgic sensory area for residents. - Credit: Archant

A care home for people with dementia wants to create a sensory courtyard for its residents and staff are looking for volunteers to help out.

Winscombe Hall wants to create a nostalgic environment where residents with dementia can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Staff want to fill the courtyard with vegetable and herb beds, art work, comfortable seating, a bird table and bird boxes and hanging baskets with strawberries and tomatoes.

The dementia care centre, in Winscombe Hill, is looking for volunteers to help their dreams to become a reality.

Annie Cowell, from Winscombe Hall, said: “The aim of the project is to create a sensory and nostalgic country cottage courtyard for our Dementia Care residents.

“We would like to start an appeal for donations to bring the courtyard to life.

“Creating a nostalgic environment will help our residents feel like they belong, feel like it is their space.

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“It will evoke wellbeing and we think it will be a hub for the home.

“Currently the courtyard is empty, all bar three benches, a water fountain and two large potted plants. It is functional but lacks charisma.

“The courtyard needs colour, scent, edible planting, comfort and to become a place for peaceful enjoyment and gentle exercise.”

Sally Partridge started the project and plans to set up a group of volunteers to transform the courtyard.

Staff want to set up a washing line so residents feel at home.

Comfortable seating with tables and parasols will be added along with watering cans so residents can tend to the plants.

The care home wants to add climbing roses, sweet peas, milk churns, potted flowers, 1950s postcard style artwork and fairy lights.

Staff are also appealing for nursery children to decorate the bird boxes for the court yard.

B&Q in Weston has already donated paint, equipment, a potting shed cover and seeds for the sensory courtyard project.

Staff are keen to transform the court yard in time for spring and are appealing for people to donate items and volunteer their time to help with the project.

Anyone interested in becoming involved can call the care centre on 01934 843553.