Winscombe shoppers can now do their bit for the environment

RECYCLABLE shopping bags are finally on sale in five shops in Winscombe to decrease use of plastic carrier bags.

RECYCLABLE shopping bags are finally on sale in five shops in Winscombe.

The bags, ordered by Winscombe Zero Waste, are on sale to discourage people in the village from using plastic carrier bags.

Gillian Hill, founder of the environmental group, took delivery of the 200 bags which were hoped to be on sale at the Michaelmas fair but did not arrive on time.

The bags are made from a natural fibre called jute and can be used repeatedly by shoppers and once worn out they can be recycled.

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Winscombe Zero Waste have also said they will replace any bags free of charge.

They are on sale now in two butcher's shops, a hardware store, a shoe shop and a carpet shop.

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The scheme has been put in place with the help of The Environmental Network for North Somerset (TENONS).

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