World's largest birds set up home in Wraxall

A FLOCK of ostriches stalked into a zoo farm in Wraxall this week.

A FLOCK of ostriches stalked into a zoo farm in Wraxall this week.

The world's largest birds hail from Africa and are the latest tropical creatures to take up residence in Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Clevedon Road.

The beady-eyed birds will soon be joined by tigers and elephants in the farm's African zone and they are currently housed next to the rhinos, giraffe and zebra at the 100 acre zoo.

The flock, from a breeding farm in Devon, consists of two females and one male and the long-necked creatures have settled into their newly built enclosure, which is full of sand to replicate their natural environment.

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Staff are planning a host of improvements at the farm including a new cafe, improved facilities for disabled visitors and a conservation building to teach schools about wildlife.

The zoo farm is open to visitors on Saturday, after a break over the festive period.

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Visitors can watch and feed the furry, scaly and feathered residents from 10.30am-5pm from Monday-Saturday.

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