War evacuee, 76, searches for family who taught her to walk and talk again after bombing

Marjorie Getgood holding a photo of her younger self and is appealing for help to find the family wh

Marjorie Getgood holding a photo of her younger self and is appealing for help to find the family who took her in when she was evacuated. - Credit: Archant

A Berrow woman is searching for the family who taught her to walk and talk after she was evacuated to North Somerset in World War Two.

Marjorie Getgood, aged 76, hopes to fulfil a life-long ambition to meet and thank the Clevedon family who cared for her when she was two-and-a-half years old.

Marjorie was evacuated to the district between August and September 1944 after her London home was bombed by a V1 Doodlebug.

Marjorie’s mum was so badly hurt in the blast paramedics thought she had died. They did not find Marjorie under the rubble until a day had passed.

The toddler was taken to East Grinstead Hospital where she had to have her eye removed.

Marjorie’s mum was hospitalised as she was seriously injured in the blast – she had been opening the bomb shelter when the Doodlebug hit.

Marjorie’s father, a sergeant major who was an expert in weapons, was away serving in the war and her siblings had already been evacuated which meant she had to be sent to North Somerset where she spent more than six months with a family in Clevedon.

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Now the grandmother, who has lung cancer, wants to find the generous family who took her in before she dies.

Marjorie said: “It was near the end of the war but with my mother in hospital I had to be evacuated – it was sometime between August and September.

“I do not remember fully where I was evacuated and the records detailing it are locked but I was told by my parents that was where I ended up.

“I want to meet the people who took me in and taught me to walk and talk again. It was a traumatic experience and they helped me get back on track.

“I was discussing it with my daughter’s brother-in-law when he suggested I look for the family and now I want to find them and thank them.

“The other reason is I have lung cancer and this is one little thing which I would like to put right.”

Marjorie was reunited with her family six months after being evacuated. She now lives in Berrow and would like to meet the relatives of the family who took her in.

If your family took in Marjorie, contact the Mercury at newsdesk@westonmercury.co.uk or 01934 422500 and your details will be passed on to her.