Antisocial driving filling homes ‘with stench of burning rubber’


- Credit: Archant

A homeowner fears leaving their property at the weekends due to antisocial driving in Worle.

Car meet-ups have taken place regularly in August, and the homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the gatherings caused their house to be ‘filled with the stench of burning rubber’ and car exhausts sound like firing gunshots.

Approximately 80-100 vehicles arrived at Sainsbury’s car park and Coker Road trading estate on August 16 and police also received reports of loud music being played.

Eight vehicles were stopped, one drug search was conducted, two drivers were handed fixed penalty notices for breach of vehicle regulations, one driver was caught without valid insurance and two motorists were directed to leave due to antisocial behaviour.

One homeowner told the Mercury: “We had engines revving, speeding and slamming of breaks and then wheel spinning burning rubber. The smell filled our home, the gardens were unusable but we dare not go out because you don’t know what you may come home to.

“We had an idiot making his or her engine sound like gunshots, this went on a while then stopped but later the noise started again but there was a duet of gunshot-like sounds. For weeks now, our home has been filled with the stench of burning rubber.

“Sadly, we now have a crop of apples from our trees that are now inedible due to contamination from burning rubber, exhaust and fuel stenches.”

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Similar meet ups have taken place at Cheddar Gorge in recent weeks, with police shutting roads in the area to tackle antisocial driving and the problems it causes.

Late night antisocial driving has also been reported on the A370 and Flowerdown Bridge, heading into Weston and police are determined to stop the meet ups taking place throughout September.

Inspector Andy Pritchard said: “We will not tolerate the dangerous driving people were subjected to in Worle and we will not allow public roads to be treated as a race track. Officers on the scene were equipped with body worn cameras and we will be reviewing that footage, identifying drivers and taking action against those responsible for putting innocent people in jeopardy. Quite simply, car meets are not safe.”