School kids’ drone performance takes top sport at junior public speaking contest

Participants for the 2020 Youth Speaks competition.

Participants for the 2020 Youth Speaks competition. - Credit: Wrington Vale Rotary Club

Wrington Primary students bagged themselves first place in the 2020 Youth Speaks competition.

Wrington Vale Rotary Club hosted the event, with the North Somerset district well represented.

Each side consisted of a chairperson, speaker and proposer of the vote of thanks, and each spoke on pressing matters, ranging from veganism to the effects of plastic in our oceans.

Individual awards were given to Megan Lake, of Burrington Primary, for best chairperson. Wrington Primary's Ellie Sprouting was named best speaker, and the Vote of Thanks Award was reserved for Winscombe Primary's Alannah Burton.

The event's Blue-ribbon title was handed to Wrington's second group for their hard-hitting and informative performance 'Taking Flight: The Future of Drones'.

Second and third prizes were handed to Churchill and Banwell Primary's first group, respectively.