Sainsbury's propose 9,000 sq.ft North Somerset store

Proposed new Sainsbury's store

Sainsbury's have submitted proposals for a huge store in Yatton. - Credit: Sainsbury's

Supermarket giant, Sainsbury's has submitted plans to build a 9,000 sq. feet store in Yatton's North End.

The store would be located on the current Michael Burdge Ltd plot, in North End Road, and could create up to 40 jobs for nearby residents.

Yatton's councillor has welcomed the plans, which are yet to be officially submitted for planning permission, in a Facebook post stating that he believes the village can sustain such a sizeable store.

Cllr Steve Bridger

Cllr Steve Bridger. - Credit: Steve Bridger

Cllr Steve Bridger said: "I very much welcome a proposal for a new concept Sainsbury’s store in Yatton.

"We desperately need an offer like this at North End and I believe Yatton and the surrounding area can sustain a new store - and not negatively impact the existing Co-op or our valued local independent businesses.

"Around 40 new jobs would be created - Sainsbury’s is preparing to submit a planning application to North Somerset Council in the coming weeks, but has published a consultation website to survey the views of the community."

The aforementioned website estimates it will provide 70 parking spaces for the store if allowed to build whilst connecting with established pedestrian routes and offering cycle parking to encourage active travel.

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Sainsbury's has also pledged to make the proposed store Net Zero, hoping to do so through means such as providing Electric Vehicle fast charging points, harvesting rainwater and using 100 per cent renewable electricity with no natural gases.

Sainsbury's yatton proposal

The proposed site for Sainsbury's Yatton store. - Credit: Sainsbury's

This would lend itself to North Somerset Council's current aim of making the district a carbon-neutral area by 2030.

The consultation website also claims that, if constructed, the new Sainsbury's store could help retain expenditure in Yatton which is currently being lost to nearby areas, such as Clevedon, as 84 per cent of Yatton residents currently leave the village to do their shopping.

Social media's reaction to Cllr Bridger's post has been largely welcoming to the proposal, with one user writing "I do not like big supermarket business on principle but there would be a huge benefit to Yatton and it would reduce an awful lot of longer car journeys for shopping trips.

"I think we have to look at it positively."

Residents can give feedback to the supermarket chain's plans on its consultation website at