Record-setting fundraiser from Weston to host last event this year

Weston man completes UK's first ever pier marathon

Paul Hobbs with Michael Eavis after his last record-setting fundraiser. - Credit: Subs Bench

A well-known Weston fundraiser has called his efforts this year 'one of my best' in 26 years of fundraising as he prepares for a final raffle for the British Heart Foundation.

Paul Hobbs set himself a target to raise £5,000 for the charity after suffering from an aneurysm which required open-heart surgery.

He said the £5,000 total was just a number he picked without expecting to reach due to the impacts of Covid, although his currently tally is close to £6,000 following a world-record marathon on the Grand Pier.

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Mr Hobbs said: "I did not expect to raise this much money, I guessed that it would be half this amount.

"I have raised money for 26 years and reached totals of £30,000 in years gone by ,but this year has been one of my best with the horrible 18 months everyone has had to endure.

"The curtain raiser will be an evening raffle at the York Hotel, on St Margaret's Terrace, with some live music and an auction."

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Paul Hobbs called this year's fundraiser one of his best due to the impact of Covid. - Credit: Carrington Walker

The raffle will be held on October 21 at 8pm, to donate to Paul's fundraiser before visit