Young dad's final love text

A 21-YEAR-OLD Cheddar man was found hanging from an electrical flex in his parents' garage, just hours after a game of poker with friends

A 21-YEAR-OLD Cheddar man was found hanging from an electrical flex in his parents' garage, just hours after a game of poker with friends. Ben Reynard, a window cleaner from Cheddar, was found hanging in the garage in March. Ben's girlfriend Joanne Cockram, aged 39, told an inquest into his death that she started living with him four years ago. She said: "He always helped out around the house and with my sons' school run."Joanne and Ben, the son of Cheddar Baptist Church minister John Reynard, had an argument the weekend before his death, but Joanne told the inquest that by the following Monday Ben felt much happier. Joanne said: "We talked about the future and spending more time together. Ben told me he wanted to spend more time with me and the kids."On Tuesday February 28, Ben rang some friends and arranged a game of poker at their house in Axbridge. Everyone at the house was drinking and playing poker when the conversation turned to dead relatives. Joanne said: "I remember we started talking about relatives who died and it got a bit down." Later on in the evening there was an argument when a bottle of beer was knocked over. The argument died down and the group started dancing to music. Ben went upstairs around midnight. Joanne told the inquest: "I thought he was upset and he had gone to bed so I gave him some space."Just after midnight Ben rang Joanne's mobile but a friend at the house, Jamie Garside from Cheddar, answered the phone instead and told Ben to go away. Early on Wednesday morning, police arrived at Joanne's house to tell her that Ben had died. Joanne then noticed a text message on her phone from Ben telling her that he loved her and Ollie, the couple's son. Coroner Michael Rose, who recorded a death by hanging, said: "I don't think we will ever know what really happened to Ben. I would like to extend my very deepest sympathy to his family and friends. "I understand that Ben was sometimes bullied because his father was a minister. I think this was a result of a clash between two ways of life."Ben's partner Joanne Cockram handed the following statement to the Somerset Mercury:"Ben, my special babe. You were always so kind and caring to everyone, I was lucky to be loved by you and in love with you. Every second of every day is filled with thoughts of you, which I will cherish forever. We will miss you always, rest in peace babe. Jo, Ollie and the boys x x x.

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