Young families left waiting for housing

YOUNG families wanting to buy cheaper homes in their own village will now have a long wait.

YOUNG families wanting to buy cheaper homes in their own village will now have a long wait.

Last week the Somerset Mercury revealed that affordable housing, which included a play area for the whole village to use, could be available for people to move in to by the end of the year.

But now residents in Wedmore may have a long wait after architects told the parish council there were 'serious issues' with the electricity supply. Councillors were also told the planned 11 homes may be too many for the plot of land.

Chairman John Sanderson said: "There seem to be a lot of extra costs now involved and the affordable housing may not be so affordable now."

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The parish councillors now have other options open to them, including opening discussions with other landowners in the area to see if they would be willing to take the project on.

Councillors were hoping to see plans for the housing, from developers Falcan Rural Housing, this month and unveil them for the public to see in February.

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Cllr Sanderson added: "There are expectations out there and people in the village want affordable housing. We cannot just drop the project and we will be discussing the issue with Sedgemoor District Council and the Housing Corporation."

The affordable housing scheme provides homes for people such as first time buyers who may find it difficult to buy on the open market, including young families or people on low incomes.

Councillors had hoped work on the two, three and four-bedroom houses would start in May or June this year, but now they do not know whether the project can still go ahead this year.

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