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PUBLISHED: 11:00 21 January 2013

North Somerset Council publishes Life monthyl from the Town Hall.

North Somerset Council publishes Life monthyl from the Town Hall.


COUNCIL publications which compete with local press should be reduced, according to the Government – but what does that mean for North Somerset Life?

North Somerset Council’s monthly publication costs £247,524 a year to produce and distribute, but the authority’s leaders insist it is a cost-effective way of keeping residents in the know.

They say it is ‘not a vanity publication’ of the type which the Government was to limit to four editions a year, and they plan to continue publishing it.

But do you agree? Mercury readers have been sharing their views on the subject via our website and Weston’s new social media website Streetlife.

“Please please keep it. If it goes it will be another example of the council saving costs by passing them on to someone else... I will have to buy sand sheets for my budgie’s cage as that is all Nigel’s ‘pravda’ is useful for.” Keith

“Most if not all of the content is available online. By all means print for library and waiting rooms but not to everyone, it’s a luxury we can ill afford.” Munro

“In fairness, there are some interesting and useful bits on info in this mag. Unfortunately, one of the first things you tend to come across is Cllr Ashton’s overview of how brilliant the council are, including the obligatory smug shot of the man himself! Vanity publication or useful? I’m about 90 per cent towards the vanity vote I’m afraid, if it goes I shall have to find something else to line the rabbit hutch and no doubt the council shall find no problem in blowing the £233K on something irrelevant!” TrueWestonian

“Get rid of it completely! Waste of money, should have come up with that idea before now.” No name supplied

“Bit surprised it’s still being issued, I thought NSC was short of cash and were looking to make savings, must cost a bit to print and distribute? Wonder what company prints it. I would not be surprised if most go strait in the recycling as not very interesting.” Gavin B

“I always take a look through as there are some interesting things in there. But yes it does goes onto the recycling within a day. Maybe they could put it all on a website. I do enjoy the magazine for the things that are happening in N Somerset.” Emma K

“Well, how else will the councilors tell us what a great job they’re doing, so that we should re-elect them next time around ? And use our money to do it.” Kenneth E

“I moved to the area last year and have found the magazine interesting and helpful. I do use the internet but there are still people around who do not have access. It is good practice to use a range of media to get a message to the public.” Sue S

“Why not issue it just twice a year? Most of it is useful to people new to the area but a terrific amount is the council congratulating each other on how marvellous they are!” Christine S

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